Brighten up the dark months

Brilliant messages – with perfect advertising media for glowing in- and outdoor applications, for either intermediate or long-term use.


HEYsign backlit heylights the dark:

Owing to their translucent coating, HEYtex® sign backlit fabrics are ideally suited for sophisticated backlit advertising

  • Warranty up to 5 years
  • Suitable for decoration with self-adhesive vinyl
  • Suitable for screen and digital printing (Latex, UV, Solvent)
  • Material widths up to 500 cm
  • Ideal for illuminated display boxes and shop solutions
  • Made in Germany


With HEYtex® heylight (H5500) your advertising presence, both indoor and outdoor, will be the center of attention.


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If you had a wish free …

Because size does matter when it comes to making optimal use of technical possibilities.


What, if….?


Special circumstances require special measures and changing demands challenge us to develop even more innovative solutions for you.

What, if you could also purchase your popular products from us in a seamless width of up to 500 cm?

What if this could save you time and production effort?

Talk to us and we will determine the possibilities together with you.


Facade enclosure – Already available in widths of up to 500 cm. High-quality, ultra-light and cost-optimized. >> more Info

Tent material – from party tent to hall roof. 500 cm width? Feasible!! >> Portfolio

Big dreams – infinite possibilities


What are your wishes? Make a wish, challenge us and ask for first prototypes for your innovative products.

We will be happy to advise you.

Direct contact: +49 5468 7774 314

IFAI goes virtual

First time ever for IFAI to go virtual and Heytex is a part of it.

Make sure to pay us a visit at our virtual booth at Premier Hall 1 from 02.-12. November 2020.




Registration is open

Investment in the future

Masks remain to dominate our daily life to prevent the Corona virus from spreading.


Keep helping to protect others and yourself – in private and on the job – with Heytex mouth-nose-masks.

  • Reusable and washable at 90°C
  • Breathable and fuzz free
  • Good fit
  • no heat accumulation
  • available with logo print
  • Oektotex and sustainable
  • made in Germany

Read more about technical details, warnings and instructions for use

Pimp your mask - mask Essen & Bramsche

Pimp your mask - mask Essen & Bramsche

Download 799.72 KB
heytex protect (H9010-0001)

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

Download 1.22 MB
cleaning & use heytex protect

cleaning & use heytex protect

Download 1.09 MB
Oeko-Tex Certification for Mouth-Nose-Masks heytex protect H9010

Oeko-Tex Certification for Mouth-Nose-Masks heytex protect H9010

Download 795.74 KB


Your direct contact for further information or

ACS certified

At Heytex  we believe that “Water is the driving force of all nature” (Leonardo da Vinci)

For secure containment of potable water, check out our HEYstore vita 1100 ACS (H3580).
The material has just recently been ACS certified. This officially confirms its suitability for potable water storage e.g. in flexitanks.


Learn more and contact us directly


vita 1100 ACS (H3580)

vita 1100 ACS (H3580)

Download 177.25 KB

NEW: ecotex mesh

New HEYstore brochure

Check out our new HEYstore brochure in a modern design and layout.


See something of interest? Give us a call. We are there to support you with solutions for your innovative ideas.
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Winter is coming

> At Heytex we believe to be prepared.


Even though the weather is still warm, we propose to get prepared for lower temperatures and the darker season.


Heytex offers a wide range of materials for different applications. Learn more about solutions for e.g. arctic tubes, cold-resistant flexible containments, phthalate-free snowsliders or light translucent tents. We are always ready to support with individual solutions. Discover solutions


arctic tube 3000 TPU (H8592)

arctic tube 3000 TPU (H8592)

Download 509.19 KB
food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

Download 684.57 KB
resist 1250 TPU (H8553)

resist 1250 TPU (H8553)

Download 170.95 KB
food roller 1100 TPE (H6680)

food roller 1100 TPE (H6680)

Download 674.46 KB
sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

Download 617.64 KB
tentalux 650 H6671

tentalux 650 H6671

Download 708.84 KB


Contact us for more information and detailed consultation.

Of course we have even more materials on offer. Give us a call!


NEW: ecotex

Heytex introduces: new textile alternative to PVC-banners for outdoor applications: ecotex


Sustainable and environmentally friendly. Completely without PVC. Durable textile banners with overwhelming print dimensions, vivid color fastness and the necessary flame-retardant properties for medium-term outdoor use.


Environmentally conscious and resource-saving – YOUR TEXTILE ALTERNATIVE..




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