The Nature of Technical Textiles

Heytex Group presents: vivatex: The future of sustainable technical textiles.

At this year’s Techtextil in Frankfurt, Heytex is introducing vivatex for the first time, our groundbreaking product line of sustainable technical textiles for industrial applications. As industry leaders in the field of technical textiles, we emphasize our commitment to sustainability and ecological awareness with vivatex.

Vivatex perfectly aligns with the concept of “WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®,” introduced at the renowned Techtextil trade fair, embodying our philosophy and commitment to excellence.

Our dedication to sustainability and ecological awareness is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and is a fundamental part of our brand philosophy. We take responsibility and advocate for a more sustainable future. With our extensive experience and our pursuit of the highest quality and technical innovation, we have set new standards with vivatex. Vivatex embodies the essence of vitality, the power of nature, and the pursuit of continuous innovation.

The clear criteria that products of the vivatex line must meet to be included in the sustainable product line underscore our commitment and responsibility for a green future. By considering at least 20% renewable resources, recycled materials, and/or implementing CO2 compensation options, vivatex demonstrates a profound commitment to environmentally conscious production and a sustainable product lifecycle.

Vivatex introduces innovative truck tarpaulins: with vivatex vectaplan panama and vivatex vectaplan 8/8, Heytex presents a new generation of truck tarpaulins that not only meet the highest standards of durability and functionality but also represent a step towards sustainability. By using recycled materials and CO2 compensation options, vivatex sets new standards in the transport industry. The truck tarps of vivatex provide protection not only for cargo and vehicles but also for the environment.

Innovative tent material from vivatex: Discover the new vivatex clipeum 650. With a focus on sustainability and durability, vivatex tent material not only provides protection against the elements but also a clear conscience. By using recycled materials and already compensated CO2 emissions, vivatex sets a new standard for environmentally friendly outdoor equipment.

Vivatex thus represents not only technical textiles that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation but also make a contribution to protecting our environment. The introduction of vivatex at the Techtextil trade fair is another step towards a more sustainable future.

EcoHemp quality from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics (part of the Heytex Group): These natural fiber-based materials for the glamping market (CA-10 and CA-46) not only offer an appealing textile appearance and long lifespan but also minimize the ecological footprint compared to synthetic alternatives.

Visit us at Techtextil and discover vivatex —the future of technical textiles begins now.

WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®. Discover Heytex Group auf der Techtextil Frankfurt, Halle 11.0 Stand B58