Think globally, act actively

HEYblue FACES your world!

It is in our nature as an internationally operating company to see the world as a whole. That is why we take responsibility not only for our products but also for the environment. We want to use raw materials sparingly, conserve resources and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Clear processes, rules and routines help us to put these intentions into practice and to become better and better.

We regularly undergo various ecological and environmental audits.

– We work according to an environmental management system with defined roles and tasks.

– We continuously plan, control, monitor and optimize all technical processes and organizational activities that affect environmental protection.

– As a member of the industry association for plastic sheeting, we share its clearly formulated sustainability philosophy.

Environmental Policy

Heytex commits itself to proactive enrivonmental protection in order to saving resources by continuous monitoring of environmental issues and consumables. By a transparent transfer of tasks and appointment of an authorized representative for immision protection, waste, fire protection and energy management we guarantee to have planned, monitored, steered and consequenty optimized all technical and organizational tasks, which are having an impact on the environment.

Time to REACH!

REACH, which came into force in June 2007, is the European chemicals directive for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals, which centralizes and facilitates the laws on chemicals. Always with the aim to protect human health and the environment in an optimal way.

It is a matter of course for us to actively support this project. Heytex only uses materials which were pre-registered by our suppliers in a REACH-compliant way at the European Chemicals Agency and were approved for the respective use. So we ensure compliance with the REACH directive for the production of PVC tarpaulins, membranes, and print media and guarantee that all Heytex products comply with the current REACH guidelines.

Not only the environment profits from that process – our customers, too, have numerous advantages: For example, the safe disposal, as pre-registered substances can be traced back and tarpaulins can be recycled accordingly. As to environmental health and safety, we always check the technical and economic feasibility of substitution of chemicals that may pose risks to health and the environment by suitable alternative substances or technologies. As no hidden chemicals are released during processing (for example during welding), safety is always ensured. To make our products and their manufacture as safe as possible for our customers, we always produce in accordance with the latest standards, taking into account the general guidelines of GLP (good laboratory practice) and GMP (good manufacturing practice).

Continuous improvement of environmental and occupational health and safety protection, beyond compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, and continuous communication in the supply chain of the use of the respective substance belong to our corporate objectives.

HEYblue®: Without PVC, but with plenty of innovative capacity

Those who stay away from PVC, saves resources and thus the environment. Following this logic, we introduced our range of completely PVC-free fabrics for digital large format printing in our HEYblue® portfolio in 2011, not only to demonstrate our innovative capacity once again, but also to prove our leading market competence from the ecological point of view. Whether for indoor or outdoor use: The HEYblue® range includes PVC free fabrics manufactured without adding plasticizers or bleaching substances, heavy metals or carcinogenic dyes and are therefore completely recyclable. Optimized transport and logistics concepts, recyclable packaging and recycling of production waste to packaging materials round off the sustainable concept of the HEYblue® products.

The HEYblue® range includes many different digitex® products for a wide variety of applications on trade mark polyester basis – highly elastic, tear-resistant and up to widths of 5 m, for printing in Latex, UV and direct sublimation print for impressive brilliant reproduction. Moreover, the HEYblue® digitex® program includes excellent premium qualities, classic frontlit, backlit and blockout fabrics, meshware, self-adhesive textiles, special coatings for metallic gloss effects and canvas looks. It goes without saying that all fabrics are PVC free and ecologically exemplary up to recyclability.