We believe technical textiles will improve the global living conditions towards a more sustainable future.

Hans-Dieter Kohake, CEO Heytex Group

What does the slogan “WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®” used by the Heytex Group actually mean?

Hans-Dieter Kohake: The slogan “WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®” is a clever combination of the words “Textile” and “Excellence”. It signifies that the Heytex Group provides excellent performance and quality standards globally in the realm of functionalized, technical textiles. It is a core component of our corporate philosophy and vision.

How does the term “TEXCELLENCE” emphasize this message?

Hans-Dieter Kohake: “TEXCELLENCE” emphasizes the outstanding qualities, innovations, and pursuit of the highest quality in the field of technical textiles. It also symbolizes Heytex Group’s commitment to sustainability, expertise in consulting for technically demanding products, and customer-oriented processes. Whether it’s sustainability or the latest technologies, precision and dedication are paramount here. Heytex Group invests not only in state-of-the-art production facilities but also in its employees. “WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®” means that not only products but also talents and ideas are nurtured at the highest level, fostering a positive work environment, a global group understanding, and continuous improvement and development.

Why is this slogan important for Heytex?

Hans-Dieter Kohake: “WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®” is not just a slogan; it’s a core aspect of our brand philosophy. It instills confidence in our customers regarding the quality of our products and showcases our dedication to excellence across all aspects.

What does this slogan mean for Heytex employees?

Hans-Dieter Kohake: For our employees, “WE ARE TEXCELLENCE®” is more than just an outward promise. It’s an internal commitment that underscores our shared passion for quality, customer orientation, innovation, identification, and customer-oriented processes with our brand.

What does the future hold for Heytex?

Hans-Dieter Kohake: The Heytex Group is perceived as a leading, sustainable, and reliable solution provider for technical textiles. We prioritize lean processes, superior customer satisfaction, and a sustainable approach to secure our growth and businesses. Our principles of ecological balance and social fairness consistently guide our actions.

Is there anything you’d like to convey to our customers?

Hans-Dieter Kohake: We invite you to experience our Texcellence firsthand. Visit us at Techtextil in hall 11.0 booth B58 and witness how innovation meets quality to create top-notch technical textiles. We take pride in not just manufacturing textiles but celebrating them!

More: www.heytex.com/wearetexcellence/