From yarn to high-tech fabric

Comprehensive, innovative, reliable and (almost) endless possibilities! Heytex technical textiles belong to the most powerful solutions in many markets. The spectrum of demanding heavy duty fabrics is almost unique.

Such sophisticated heavy duty fabrics are produced on the basis of profound expertise and continuous development. Weaving, coating, and laminating: Our expertise in these areas makes us a global leader in the production of technical textiles. Dealing with them requires great care and precision. Our aim is to ensure that in every step.

More than 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of technical textiles reflect themselves in the constant quality of our products. Development and research play an important role. This is the only way for us to take advantage of ever new and ever more sophisticated production and coating processes and even ensure certified quality. True to the motto: You have the idea, we have the proper material!

Weaving does not have to be reinvented. However, to ensure a perfect basis for our quality products, we improve it continuously. Why that is necessary? Because we develop and manufacture our technical textiles in such a way that they are the best of all solutions for the respective application. And since the fields of application are constantly changing and expanding, this is what our textiles do, too. If the requirements for a material increase continuously, only a solid basis can ensure consistent top quality. These foundations are laid in Bramsche: In our company’s own weaving mill at the Heytex headquarters, the excellent carrier fabrics for our coated technical textiles are created.

And our basis is the weaving loom, too: As a traditional weaving mill we have always invested in the latest weaving equipment and high-quality weaving accessories and this laid the foundations for today’s success of our technical textiles more than 100 years ago. Today, we work on high-tech weaving machines which manufacture fabrics up to a width of 540 cm. Our air, rapier and projectile weaving machines ensure both premium quality and high production reliability.

The requirements to technical textiles are as diverse as their fields of application. The different product characteristics are provided by the appropriate equipment and coating of the carrier fabrics. Fabrics made by Heytex® owe their international reputation to the specific formulation of the different coatings that provide the technical textiles with exactly the properties and performance characteristics that are required for the respective applications.

Highly sophisticated fabrics require high-performance machinery in production and high speed in (further) development. This is the reason why high-performance spread coating systems for widths of up to 5 m of finished products are used at the headquarters in Bramsche. In Neugersdorf, the sophisticated hotmelt calendering technology ensures proper coating of special products of up to 2.18 meters of width. Last but not least, the development of the new 3.2 m high-performance coating machine with which company does not only venture into a new dimension in terms of capacity, but also in terms of quality, shows: Heytex actually started to invest in the future long ago.

When German quality standards meet Chinese production know-how, the way to the top of the line will be paved. Since 2007, Heytex has produced high-quality laminates for digital sign and banner printing as well as for numerous technical applications at the location Zhangjiagang in China. The laminates in frontlit, backlit and blockout quality of up to 350 cm width make the perfect synthesis of German quality standards and years of experience of our Chinese colleagues in the manufacture of laminates.

Whether it is about frontlit, backlit, blockout, dual colors or laminate for tents and tarpaulins: The wide range of different qualities makes HEYTex® laminates so unique. Product properties such as double-sided super smooth surfaces, flexibility and suppleness make laminates à la Heytex so popular.

The range of optional equipment is equally varied:
UV-resistant, cold-resistant, flame-retardant (in accordance with NFPA, CPAI, DIN75200, DIN4102), heavy metal-free in accordance with EU directives, EU approved plasticizers, semi-opaque and fully opaque, black back / grey back, low curling / good flatness, running meter marking on the back, anti-wicking.

[Guidelines for the use of PVC coated polyester fabrics. A joint project of IVK-Europe. Find out more about cleaning, maintenance and storage of PVC coated polyester fabrics here from the download.]

HEYTex® technical textiles are suitable for many different fields of application due to their versatility, their excellent material properties and high quality. Properly used and processed, the Heytex fabric portfolio offers the appropriate material for almost all applications.

Whatever you are planning to do: With our experience and expertise we create the basis for your success. We would be pleased to advise and support you with the implementation of your individual project. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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