PVC-free and weldable

Certified quality for water – because drinking water is our most vital commodity.

To ensure that the quality of the drinking water is not negatively affected by contact with other materials, a number of certifications and standards for potable drinking water materials are available on the market. We therefore check that our formulas as well as our material comply with the latest standards, such KTW, ACS or NSF. So you can be assured that our material does not pose any risk of contamination to drinking water.


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HEYlight of the month 2016.05 – HEYsign deco – ceilstar®

Convince yourself of our high-quality wall and ceiling coverings of the HEYsign deco range and its ceilstar® articles.

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World Premiere at FESPA: Heytex on Rhotex 500

Heytex® convinces at Fespa Amsterdam with live printing on its one side printable blockout digitex® decoflex opaque B1/M1 on the worldwide first 5m Dye-Sublimation printing system for seamless and extrawide signage applications of Durst Rhotex, Rhotex 500.

Setting signs with and for Sign media in large format. Convince yourself of this unparalleled material true to the Heytex motto “No idea can ever be too big”.

More Heytex materials suitable for DyeSub printing:

  • digitex® decoflex B1/M1 (H7303-0502)
  • NEW: digitex® decoflex premium B1/M1 (H7333-0502)
  • digitex® decoflex opaque B1/M1 (H7380-0975)

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Heylight of the month

Welcome to Fespa 2016.

Setting signs with and for sign media – Heytex sets textile signs in large format at this year’s Fespa in Amsterdam. “Give me a sign” a request that Heytex complies with by its pathbreaking materials for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as a textile, banner or laminate, backlit, frontlit, mesh, blockout, decoration fabric, acoustic textile or as wall or ceiling coverings – unusual ideas may be implemented on materials of the HEYtex® brand. True to the Heytex motto: “No. idea can ever be too big”.

We are looking forward to your visit.
Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre | 2016 March, 8-11 |hall 1 booth H60

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Heytex press release Fespa 2016

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NEW: easyroller 1700.

NEW in HEYdoors – rolling series: easyroller 1700 – rolling shutters for use with local reinforcement.

easyroller is an extremely robust and durable material – just like all the other materials of the HEYdoors series. Through the pockets, which are woven into the fabric, local reinforcements can be integrated in the fabric easily and without additional efforts. The result is a plain surface without welding seams which can be used to print advertising messages, if required. The basis of the easyroller items is durable polyester fabric. The appealing high-gloss finish provides a high-quality appearance to the roller door curtain.

Flyer HEYdoors – easyroller 1700

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MK-APPROVED: HEYtex® tarps & tents:

Six Heytex materials of the HEYtents and HEYcargo product range have been certified bz ETA Denmark and
therefore fulfill the legal provisions of Denmark.

This MK-certificate confirms that these Heytex products comply with performance standards of building
regulations. This refers to all related directives and standards, as well as rules and instructions in
regard to constructions regulations.Play it safe with Heytex. Convincing competence in the field
of  tarps & tents.

Following materials of the  tarps & tents range have been MK-certified:


  • vectaplan 8/8 FR | H5671-0286


  • clipeum 650 | H5571-0286
  • clipeum 650 | H5871-0286 (EN)
  • clipeum 700 | H5872
  • clipeum 850 BLO | H5571-0828 BLO
  • tentorium 900 | H5573-0283-eco


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HEYcoating – TPE

Unlimited applications possibilities by using TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)

The requirements to technical textiles are as diverse as their fields of application. The different product characteristics are provided by the appropriate equipment and coating of the carrier fabrics. Heytex meets with his coating recipes almost all customer requirements. Besides PVC, TPU, Alcryn®, Blends and Polyolefine Heytex uses now also TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Depending on the purpose and application, the coating formula is created individually in accordance to material requirements. For example, the formula may be composed with respect to abrasion resistance or elasticity. Eco-friendly TPE has food approval and convinces by its excellent resistance against cold, ozone, harsh weather conditions, heat, acids and bases. TPE was developed to be bondable and weldable. Thus, no investments are required for processing.

Convince yourself also of the possibilities of the Heytex coating technology – HEYcoating.

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Textile meets Textile

Cooperation of Heytex and JAB Anstoetz at FESPA 2014.
At the international trade fair for digital print, FESPA in Munich, Heytex, the leading international company for coated textiles, has come up with something truly special this year: a cooperation with the world’s leading home textile print company JAB Anstoetz from Bielefeld.

Technical textiles by Heytex from Bramsche are used everywhere. The sought-after specialists for coated fabrics are pleased about their loyal customers that highly appreciate the “premium quality of the products, on-time delivery even for demanding projects and the dedicated commitment” according to Heytex communications manager Nicole Meiners.
On the sign market, the banner materials made by HEYtex® with PVC coating have become indispensable for a long time already. But especially for indoor use, more and more PVC-free materials with textile character are required. Therefore Heytex continuously expands its textile digitex® product range to be able to offer an appropriate product for every application.

Together with the creative agency Stiehl/Over from Osnabrück, Heytex will place the textile digitex® media in the focus at the upcoming FESPA. To communicate the “textile” image of Heytex at FESPA 2014, textile images will be presented on textile surfaces: on digitex®products by Heytex. The question what those textile images would actually look like and where they would be available can be answered quickly: from the world market leader for home textiles, JAB Anstoetz from Bielefeld (who “by chance” is also a customer of Stiehl/Over). Because “by chance” JAB Anstoetz starts a new campaign this spring with the premium collection “Grandezza”. So cooperation between Heytex and JAB was so obvious.

In addition, there was the fact that the campaign motives of JAB – beautiful women under water in front of beautiful fabrics – were extremely well adapted to the motto of FESPA 2014: “Dive deeper into digital print.” So it could grow together, what belongs together: textile competence for home textiles for digitally printable textiles.