Heytex wächst

The Heytex Group invests intensely and doubles their production area at Bramsche, Germany.
With an additional 5m coating line and a new warehouse and logistics center Heytex will offer outstanding quality and increased deliverability in the very near future!

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HEYlight of the month 2016.05 – HEYsign deco – ceilstar®

Convince yourself of our high-quality wall and ceiling coverings of the HEYsign deco range and its ceilstar® articles.

More information at HEYsign deco

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World Premiere at FESPA: Heytex on Rhotex 500

Heytex® convinces at Fespa Amsterdam with live printing on its one side printable blockout digitex® decoflex opaque B1/M1 on the worldwide first 5m Dye-Sublimation printing system for seamless and extrawide signage applications of Durst Rhotex, Rhotex 500.

Setting signs with and for Sign media in large format. Convince yourself of this unparalleled material true to the Heytex motto “No idea can ever be too big”.

More Heytex materials suitable for DyeSub printing:

  • digitex® decoflex B1/M1 (H7303-0502)
  • NEW: digitex® decoflex premium B1/M1 (H7333-0502)
  • digitex® decoflex opaque B1/M1 (H7380-0975)

Feel free to contact us for further information, sample and offer!

Heylight of the month

MK-APPROVED: HEYtex® tarps & tents:

Six Heytex materials of the HEYtents and HEYcargo product range have been certified bz ETA Denmark and
therefore fulfill the legal provisions of Denmark.

This MK-certificate confirms that these Heytex products comply with performance standards of building
regulations. This refers to all related directives and standards, as well as rules and instructions in
regard to constructions regulations.Play it safe with Heytex. Convincing competence in the field
of  tarps & tents.

Following materials of the  tarps & tents range have been MK-certified:


  • vectaplan 8/8 FR | H5671-0286


  • clipeum 650 | H5571-0286
  • clipeum 650 | H5871-0286 (EN)
  • clipeum 700 | H5872
  • clipeum 850 BLO | H5571-0828 BLO
  • tentorium 900 | H5573-0283-eco


More information: HEYlight of the month