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with HEYseal – Encapsulated Edges Avoid wicking of stored fluids into the fabric without addional efforts during processing! Profit of the Heytex solution against wicking. This guarantees stored substances being kept inside and water outside of the tank.   Our advantages: Save time and money (50% reduction of work-load due to avoidance of addional working […]

Holiday Break

HOLIDAY BREAK IN BRAMSCHE & NEUGERSDORF Because quality comes first at Heytex.   Bramsche and Neugersdorf plants are closed for the holidays. X-Mas break plant Bramsche:             December, 22 to January, 01 X-Mas break plant Neugersdorf:         December, 22 to January, 01 Please place your orders early, especially for materials which are not […]

Heytex provides solutions.

HEYTEX – SOLAR-RADIATION VALUES AS PLANNING SUPPORT FOR TAILOR-MADE FABRIC SOLUTIONS! Visual-, energetic- and UV-light transmittance as well as SRI- and g-values (according to DIN EN 410 and ASTM G173/E903) as basis for: Application-specific material selection Calculations of room climate by means of total energy transmission (g-value = total energy by transmittance and radiant heat […]


Celebrate with us our first fabric to come off the new Heytex 5m-line – digitex decoflex B1/M1 (H7303-5501). Click here and learn more about this innovative and decorative textile.

Comprehensive support in the planning

Heytex provides radiation-related physical measurements for planning purposes Weaving, coating, laminating: The expertise in these areas makes Heytex a world leader in the manufacture of technical textiles for tents, textile halls, shade sails and so on. Such sophisticated high-performance fabrics can only be created with the help of in-depth expertise and continuous development. Handling them […]