Our vision

We are No. 1 in the development and production of high-quality, functionalized, technical textiles worldwide. We set standards through innovative products and processes with the aim to optimize the benefits for our customers and the society.

Our mission is the profitable manufacture of coated and laminated technical textiles at all our locations, as well as the global distribution throughout all industries: sign, texineered textiles, defense. We create an added value for our customers. Innovative applications are in the focus of our technical development. We consistently expanding our application-oriented advisory competence as well as our international networks.

Our guiding principles

We believe that respectful communication and interaction is essential in all areas of life. For this reason we are committed to the implementation of certain established principles. All employees of our company commit themselves to these guidelines. We also ask our business partners to commit themselves to these core guidelines, which we understand as a basis for lasting and successful business relations.

International human rights are an integral part of our corporate identity.

Equality and fairness are prerequisites for our common success.

People with disabilities are part of our society.

Freedom of association and assembly is part of our democratic understanding.

The highest standards of health protection and occupational safety are the characteristics of our responsibility.

Cooperation with countries and municipalities offers the chance of an improved quality of life.

Support for goal-oriented qualification measures.

We aim at working in a resource-saving way along the entire value chain.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the code of conduct forms the basis for the cooperation within our company and with external partners and prohibits bribery and corruption.