Heytex donates masks to Nigeria

Ismeralda April collects masks for her home country

Last year, things suddenly had to move fast. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Heytex company in Bramsche Engter lost a crucial pillar of its business. The trade fair and advertising market for printable banners and textiles came to a complete standstill. Heytex products in this segment could no longer be sold.


The company had made a virtue out of necessity, used the changed circumstances and adapted its products to the new requirements. Heytex textiles made of washable polyester knitted fabric were produced for masking material certified by end customers. Due to high demand at the time, the company even offered drive-in direct sales at the factory for a time.


It is precisely these masks that are now finding their way to Africa. Internal sales manager Jörg Fangmann became aware of Ismeralda April, who is collecting masks for her hometown of Keetmannshoop in southern Namibia, through a newspaper report in the Oldenburgische Volkszeitung. The masks are intended for a local orphanage and children who live with grandparents after the death of their parents. In Namibia, only about 7% of the population has been vaccinated, vaccine is relatively scarce, the country has been a high incidence country for months and protection is almost non-existent.


The contact between Ismeralda and Heytex was quickly established and Ismeralda, who now lives in Vörden, was able to get a first-hand impression of the company and the 20,000 masks that Heytex is donating to her for her project.


The masks are now on their way to the embassy in Berlin and will then go by plane to Africa, where a Catholic priest who is a friend there will make sure that the masks reach their destination.




Closed case system for salmon farming

In August our team was finally able to visit Aqua Nor Trondheim again. Here, our team met Vidar Vangen, Managing Director of Merdslippen AS, in front of an original part of the GreenBag.


The GreenBag is a new type of closed cage system for salmon farming with a capacity of 6000 m³ developed by Merdslippen AS.

A depth-adjustable water extraction offers the possibility of temperature optimization, efficient oxygen enrichment and continuous removal of sediments ensure the best possible fish welfare.


The technical textile bag was made from seabar TPU 1900 of the HEYbarrier range. This material was specially developed for this application.

The use of food-safe TPU prevents contamination with low-molecular weight impurities.

With excellent abrasion properties, high coating adhesion and an extremely strong base fabric, the material defies the most adverse conditions of a maritime environment.


Learn more about our HEYbarrier range and fish farming products or contact us directly at heybarrier@heytex.com


sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

Download 179.72 KB



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115 years concentrated Heytex power

Heytex says thank you for 115 years of commitment and loyalty.

„Long-standing employees, their experience and skills, are the backbone of any company“,

this was emphasized by plant manager Marko Rother when honoring Heytex’s long-serving employees. A tribute that should have taken place in 2020, but was postponed to this year due to the pandemic. Together with their partners, the company Heytex Bramsche GmbH had invited them to a joint dinner to thank the colleagues for their 25 and 40 years of service.

Until today they have always remained loyal to the company, which has changed a lot in the last decades and continues to expand worldwide. As the company has changed, so have the jubilarians: From career starters to highly qualified professionals in their respective teams. That deserves applause!

The following were honored for 25 years: Marco Correia Martins, inspection, Malcolm Robert Hoare, inspection, and Michael Kirk, sales.

For 40 years we may congratulate: Werner Hermes, Weaving


from left to right: Marco Correia Martins, Malcom Robert Hoare, Werner Hermes, Michael Kirk

Right recipe

In addition to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Heytex has a large number of different other coatings. Food-safe TPU, cold-flexible TPE, chemical-resistant Alcryn, tailor-made polymer blends, etc. A lot is possible. Depending on the application and purpose of our customers, we can select the right recipe. Here you will find an extract of our possibilities.


You have questions? We got the answers. Contact us texineering@heytex.com

Throwback Thursday

1961 – 2021


60 Jahre sind vergangen, seit bei Heytex (ehemals Julius Heywinkel GmbH) die erste Beschichtungsanlage für Gewebe auf Polyesterbasis eingeführt wurde. Damals eine Innovation in 150 cm Breite für Planen, Autosattlerein und Segeltuch.




Seitdem hat sich viel getan, Heytex bietet großformatige Materialien bis zu 500 cm Breite mit verschiedenen spezifizierten Beschichtungen für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen nach Kundenwunsch. Discover Heytex

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über unsere Produkte!

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Heytex for Aquaculture

Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater fish under controlled conditions and is a serious and sustainable alternative to commercial fishing.


To meet global demands, aquaculture continues to grow. The demands on feed and systems for fish health and sustainability are also increasing.

We at Heytex offer a wide portfolio, like lice skirts for open systems, bag and cover material dedicated for closed systems and land-based systems.  The portfolio ranges from lightweight PVC aprons to high tensile strength tarpaulins greater than 18,000 N / 5cm tensile strength and plasticizer migration free TPU goods from 950 gr up to 1900 gr / sqm and >10,000 N / 5cm tensile strength.


seabar 3000 (H2538)

seabar 3000 (H2538)

Download 185.79 KB
coastbar 900 S (H3602)

coastbar 900 S (H3602)

Download 104.62 KB
coastbar 950 TPU (H8550)

coastbar 950 TPU (H8550)

Download 157.40 KB
sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

Download 179.72 KB


This is what Heytex stands for – your material for your solutions – contact us. texineering@heytex.com


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