Heytex for Aquaculture

Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater fish under controlled conditions and is a serious and sustainable alternative to commercial fishing.


To meet global demands, aquaculture continues to grow. The demands on feed and systems for fish health and sustainability are also increasing.

We at Heytex offer a wide portfolio, like lice skirts for open systems, bag and cover material dedicated for closed systems and land-based systems.  The portfolio ranges from lightweight PVC aprons to high tensile strength tarpaulins greater than 18,000 N / 5cm tensile strength and plasticizer migration free TPU goods from 950 gr up to 1900 gr / sqm and >10,000 N / 5cm tensile strength.


seabar 3000 (H2538)

seabar 3000 (H2538)

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coastbar 900 S (H3602)

coastbar 900 S (H3602)

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coastbar 950 TPU (H8550)

coastbar 950 TPU (H8550)

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sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

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Invite instead of mainly handling

100% recycled yarn

Following the thread

Happy Easter

Heytex wishes Happy Easter – stay healthy.



*Banner could be printed on H6022 frontlit light eco B1/M2 – Large messages for special occasions.

Data Sheet frontlit light eco B1/M2 (H6022)

Data Sheet frontlit light eco B1/M2 (H6022)

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Learn more about our light weight outdoor banners.

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Heytex ZJG with new General Manager

Personnel change


Heytex China plant under new management



Zhangjiagang/China March 2021



After 8 successful years as General Manager of the subsidiary Heytex Technical Textiles (Zhangjiagang) Co Ltd, China, Eric Wang will leave the Heytex Group at the end of March 2021.


Eric Wang, who has been instrumental in the expansion of the China site, is mainly responsible for the upcycling of the company’s state-of-the-art machinery in view of the successful implementation of the Glue Lamination plant.


Under Eric Wang’s leadership, internal workflows have been improved, process reliability has been established and consistent product quality has been ensured. As a result, Heytex has established itself as a proven player in the Chinese market in its current form, in line with local challenges, and has contributed to the success of the Group.


We thank Eric Wang for his work and commitment to the Heytex Group and wish him all the best for the challenges of his professional future.



He will be succeeded in the position of General Manager by Mr. Bill Yu as of March 01.


Bill Yu graduated from Suzhou University in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science and earned MBA degree from Southeast University in 2005.


Bill Yu brings 27 years of professional experience to his new position as General Manager of Heytex Zhangjiagang, including textile service and management in manufacturing.


Bill Yu assumes full responsibility for the Heytex Group’s Chinese subsidiary including sales, procurement, production, quality, engineering, finance, human resources & administration at Heytex Zhangjiagang.


We wish him every success in his new position in the Heytex Group.




Bill Yu



Suitable for Food Stuff

For direct contact with food, you need to be sure that the material used does not pose a health hazard.


With Heytex HEYstore materials of the Food series you can be sure of that.
Our TPU materials are free of heavy metals and plasticizers and certified according to EU Regulation No. 10/2011 and FA regulations.


HEYstore Food Series

HEYstore Food Series

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food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

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olio 1100 TPU (H8556)

olio 1100 TPU (H8556)

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Double wall fabric with TPU-coating

Now you may pull something through the mud without a guilty conscience!


Because our new TPU coating for double-wall fabrics makes your product particularly abrasion-resistant and also highly UV-resistant.


  • – Pole height (lenght of distance threads) in 150, 200, 100 mm
  • – Temperature resistance of -50 °C bis +90 °C (-58°F – +194 °F)
  • – Very good weldability
  • – Very good abrasion resistance and sliding qualities
  • – No plasticizer migration due to coating
  • – No change in technical properties because of UV

Abrasion comparison of TPU – PVC – Blend coating


double wall 100 TPU (H8891)

double wall 100 TPU (H8891)

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Protect your rooms from the inside and outside with a cover

You want to have moisture out but no rain in?


Our H5452 has an Sd value of <10. This means that moisture can get out, but no rain can get in.

Ideal for covering shells, modules, containers, to protect them from moisture from outside and get rid of moisture from inside.


The article has good workability, is weldable, has a low weight per unit area of 485 g/m² and is available in widths up to 5m.
Protect your rooms from inside and outside with a cover.


modulcover 485 (H5452)

modulcover 485 (H5452)

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