Volkan Sakal honored as IHK state champion

A total of 109 trainees from companies in Lower Saxony passed their IHK final exams with the best results in their respective training occupations and were honored for their outstanding achievements at the beginning of November at Alando Palais Osnabrück.


Among the best is Volkan Sakal, apprentice textile laboratory technician at Heytex Bramsche GmbH. Sakal began his apprenticeship in 2018 and is now looking ahead to the future full of beans.
I am very pleased to receive this award and have excellent prospects as an apprentice textile laboratory technician at Heytex. I have the opportunity to help shape textile developments, set quality standards and monitor processes in textile processing,” says Sakal about his award. With Volkan Sakal, Heytex now employs the third textile laboratory assistant awarded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce within 6 years, after Jakob Heipel and Marla Ender.


The German textile industry is among the world leaders in terms of technology and is one of the most modern and efficient sectors of the country’s economy. The Heytex Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the development of high-quality and functionalized technical textiles and produces them at five locations on three continents in Germany, Nijverdal, USA and China. With its laminated and coated textiles, Heytex covers a very broad spectrum. The materials are used, for example, as truck tarpaulins, tents, sports mats, oil barriers, roll-up doors, biogas membranes or as advertising media in large-format textile digital printing.


IHK President Uwe Goebel adds in conclusion “Contact restrictions in companies and schools, home office and certainly also concerns about health – you have mastered all of this in an exemplary manner. That’s why I’m sure: The way you have mastered these tasks, you will also overcome future hurdles.”



Update on raw material markets: Global market drivers

Interview with Heytex-Management on current market situtation. Oct 2021

Global market drivers on supply chains for technical textiles producers.


Fabian Kampsen and Robert Lerch represent the Management Board of the Heytex Group. Fabian is a “home grown” Heytex Manager and since 2020 in the position of Commercial Director. Robert came to Heytex some 4 years ago being the Global Procurement Director with a proven record from various international assignments in different industries. Regarding the current market situation for Technical Textiles, both got together reflecting on the actual developments.



Fabian: Hello Robert, when we conducted our last interview 4 months ago you mentioned “It will remain challenging!”. Looking back to this statement how challenging was it?

Robert: Hello Fabian, indeed these are the most exciting and challenging times I ever came across in my long industry business life. And to anticipate this already, it will remain similarly challenging!
In addition to further rising purchase prices, the availability of any raw materials is currently the greatest challenge, which we have mastered well so far and have not had to record any production breaks due to missing raw materials.

Fabian: The current shortages in the power supply in China are not very prominent in our media. What is the background on this and, above all, what impact does it have on the supply chains for technical textiles?

Robert:  Due to reduced availability of energy sources, primarily coal for power plants, and because of environmental protection measurements, the Chinese government decided to allocate energy quantities. Consequently, this leads to delivery bottlenecks in the supply of yarns and base fabrics, as manufacturers cannot utilize their complete production capacities. Yarn producers currently have to schedule with at least 30% less capacity. Heytex can absorb these bottlenecks due to buffer stocks, however, we continuously receive price adjustments reflecting the significantly reduced supply with increased demand at the same time.

Fabian: The development in raw material costs forced us to increase our selling prices exceptionally. Our customers are hoping for a decrease of prices for 2022.
How do you estimate the developments in raw material costs for 2022?

Robert:In general, we are preparing our supply chains for an ongoing strong demand. To ensure the best possible security of supply, a good forecast from our customers is therefore essential.
The oil price has now clearly exceeded the $80 mark, and in combination with high demand and a tight supply situation PVC prices just increased for the 16th month in a row and our suppliers expecting prices to rise even further in 2022.
Despite measurements taken, such as the commissioning of our own photovoltaic plant, the extremely rising electricity and gas prices in Germany are hitting us hard. The price of electricity on the stock market has tripled compared to the previous year, and gas has even quadrupled. The increase in the direct energy costs alone have an impact of a 7-digit amount compared to this year. Not to mention indirect increases such as temporary energy surcharges from suppliers of energy-intensive raw materials, such as up to €150 per ton for PVC.
One raw material group that has almost not been affected so far are flame retardant additives. Due to pre-product price increases caused by a lack of availability ex Asia, prices have doubled in a short time compared to Q1 2021. Here, too, no easing is expected for 2022.


The supply chains for manufacturers of technical textiles remain under strong pressure but are stable at Heytex. However, for the coming year, we expect raw material prices to to increase further and will be discussing this challenge with our customers in the coming weeks.

Supply Chain update

Supply Chain update

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Heytex donates masks to Nigeria

Ismeralda April collects masks for her home country

Last year, things suddenly had to move fast. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Heytex company in Bramsche Engter lost a crucial pillar of its business. The trade fair and advertising market for printable banners and textiles came to a complete standstill. Heytex products in this segment could no longer be sold.


The company had made a virtue out of necessity, used the changed circumstances and adapted its products to the new requirements. Heytex textiles made of washable polyester knitted fabric were produced for masking material certified by end customers. Due to high demand at the time, the company even offered drive-in direct sales at the factory for a time.


It is precisely these masks that are now finding their way to Africa. Internal sales manager Jörg Fangmann became aware of Ismeralda April, who is collecting masks for her hometown of Keetmannshoop in southern Namibia, through a newspaper report in the Oldenburgische Volkszeitung. The masks are intended for a local orphanage and children who live with grandparents after the death of their parents. In Namibia, only about 7% of the population has been vaccinated, vaccine is relatively scarce, the country has been a high incidence country for months and protection is almost non-existent.


The contact between Ismeralda and Heytex was quickly established and Ismeralda, who now lives in Vörden, was able to get a first-hand impression of the company and the 20,000 masks that Heytex is donating to her for her project.


The masks are now on their way to the embassy in Berlin and will then go by plane to Africa, where a Catholic priest who is a friend there will make sure that the masks reach their destination.




Heytex announces the acquisition of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

Heytex and Royal Ten Cate are announcing the acquisition of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics by Heytex Bramsche located in Osnabruck, Germany. By combining the specialistic technological capabilities and market presence in technical textiles, Heytex will broaden its footprint in the market and TenCate Outdoor Fabrics will be enabled to accelerate its growth potential.


TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is a leading producer of specialistic outdoor fabrics used in applications in the European leisure tent and sun awnings market. The company employs 80 people in its production location in Nijverdal, the Netherlands.


The Heytex Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the development and production of high-quality and functionalized technical textiles for, among others, the cargo tarp and tent market (shelter tents), advertising and exhibitions (banners), environmental and flexible storage solutions as well as leisure markets. Heytex has production locations in Germany, the US and China.


Technical textiles represent a family of versatile materials to be used in various circumstances in order to fulfill specific functional demands in end markets. A broad range of technological capabilities and know-how in the field of material science and the ability to solve the individual functional demands of end users and direct customers is key for success. Being part of a larger group of companies by sharing capabilities will enable TenCate Outdoor Fabrics to create a stronger basis for its future development. Heytex forms the perfect combination to fulfill the needs of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics to further strengthen its business in order to provide a solid support for its direct business partners in the market.


Rob Verver, managing director of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics: “We were actively looking for a strategic business partner with synergetic capabilities in order to find support for our ambitious growth plans. We have a strong basis for our business, which is based on a solid TenCate brand and supported by long standing relationships with our key customers. Our capabilities will be strengthened with the support of Heytex. Our customers as well as our employees will benefit from this strategic decision to be part of a larger technical textiles platform. We will also create more power to support our business development efforts going forward.”


Hans-Dieter Kohake, CEO of the Heytex Group: “Heytex is strategically looking for complementary opportunities within the field of technical textile technology to benefit from synergy potential, creating further growth for the Group. The acquisition of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics forms a good opportunity to strengthen our basis in technical textiles with specialistic technological knowledge in respect of outdoor products for the camping and sun awning markets. As a Dutch based textiles company with many years of history, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics fits well in our industrial culture as we are sharing a similar manufacturing back ground. So, I expect a smooth integration within our specialistic group of companies.”


Heytex Bramsche GmbH, Bramsche, Deutschland,

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics b.v., Nijverdal, Niederlande,


2021_Merger TenCate EN.txt

2021_Merger TenCate EN.rtf

2021_Merger TenCate EN.pdf

„Shaking hands“ – Hans-Dieter Kohake, CEO Heytex Group, Rob Verver, Director TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

Newest Sales Team addition for Middle East

At #heytex, we believe that characters take our brand forward.

With Imran Shah, we gain another competent character as a sales representative for technical textiles for the Middle East Region.


Imran Shah brings with him fifteen years of experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management in the Middle East, North Africa and India Region, combined with an Engineering background having worked in the construction Industry for architecture tensile membranes, tents and various other technical textile applications such as advertising & signage and interior fittings.


Imran has successful track record and experiences in developing new markets, launching new products, as well as winning new distribution partners and specifying projects with consultants, architects and public authorities.


At Heytex Imran has the opportunity to being part of a multicultural and dynamic team and will be primarily responsible for sales in the Middle East market.
Imran Shah lives with his wife and two children in Dubai.


We look forward to working with him and wish him every success!




Update on raw material markets: Supply Chain remains stable

Interview with Heytex-Management on current market situtation. June 2021

Heytex Supply Chain remains stable to continuously provide reliable high quality products.


Fabian Kampsen and Robert Lerch represent the Management Board of the Heytex Group. Fabian is a “home grown” Heytex Manager and since 2020 in the position of Commercial Director. Robert came to Heytex some 4 years ago being the Global Procurement Director with a proven record from various international assignments in different industries. Regarding the current market situation for Technical Textiles, both got together reflecting on the actual developments.



Fabian: Hello Robert, just a few weeks have passed since our last conversation, actually not a long period of time and yet a lot has happened again on the raw materials side since then. How has the global situation developed?

Robert: Hello Fabian, it‘s still exciting! A working supply chain in the manufacturing industry, especially in our branch, is certainly one of the bigger challenges that need to be solved. The availability of various raw materials in the chemical industry is still extremely tense, which has a direct impact on us.
I would describe the supply situation at Heytex as tight but stable. The delivery situation caused by the wrecked container ship in the Suez Canal has unfortunately led to further delays for global sea shipments, which were not foreseeable. Sea freight prices continue to rise to a level of up to 10 times the prices from Q4 2020.

Fabian: I have heard from several sources that the supply of raw materials is endangered by many parallel plant shutdowns in the chemical

Robert:  Yes, unfortunately that‘s true. 13 force majeures, 11 system failures, 22 slowdowns and 24 maintenance shutdowns were active in parallel in the plastics industry, in the month of May alone. A fundamental improvement does not seem in sight, because force majeure cases can last: according to statistics, these last an average of 62 days, the currently longest lasts longer than 200 days already. In addition, producers are faced with lower imports from Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Because even in these classic export countries, demand is higher than supply. The situation is exacerbated by the current bottlenecks in shipping containers.

Fabian: The price development of various raw materials, such as wood, is very present in the media and is extreme. To what extent do you think the commodity markets are likely to recover in
the near future?

Robert: In general, purchasing prices have unfortunately not developed as originally forecasted. Chemical raw materials, fabrics and yarn in particular remain at an extremely high level. The decline in the overheated market, which was expected by all sides, did not occur and will probably not be felt before the end of the year.
One example beyond primary raw materials is the topic of wood. For us, wood has a direct influence on the pallet prices, but also indirectly in other packaging such as cardboard cores and tubes.
But back to the main raw materials. PVC, as well as plasticizers and TPU in particular, have risen by more than 70% in a very short time, and prices are not expected to fall soon. In addition, there is the topic of qualified and approved substitute materials, which were used to compensate for availabilities and ensure delivery stability.
These are quickly twice the price of the original products. These circumstances in combination with multiple, approved sources and our other risk management initiatives, lead to an overall secure supply chain. The limited availability of raw materials has unfortunately still a clear and immediate impact on prices.


Situation at Heytex
Heytex has so far been able to master the challenges of securing the supply chain with a few exceptions. The frightening price increases have stabilized at the highest level, unfortunately a recovery is currently not in sight. The price situation and availability will certainly remain a challenge until the end of the year. In general, Heytex is set up as a stable partner for our customers, who also has a plan B and C in the drawer.

Supply Chain secured

Supply Chain secured

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Stabilized Supply Chain

Interview with Heytex-Management on current market situtation.

Heytex has stabilized its Supply Chain to continuously provide reliable high quality products.


Fabian Kampsen and Robert Lerch represent the Management Board of the Heytex Group. Fabian is a “home grown” Heytex Manager and since 2020 in the position of Commercial Director. Robert came to Heytex some 4 years ago being the Global Procurement Director with a proven record from various international assignments in different industries. Regarding the current market situation for Technical Textiles, both got together reflecting on the actual developments.



Fabian: Robert, a major key for success in sales is a stable supply chain in combination with competitive raw material prices to provide reliable, high quality and competitive products to our customers.

How do you see recent raw material developments?

Robert: Our textile procurement mainly from Asia is strongly influenced by the instable availability of containers and vessels. However, we were able to sign deals with large European forwarders to provide a secured supply chain for our factories in Germany.
Though we secured the deliveries, we were not able to avoid all cost effects along with the shortage of available containers and vessels. Sea Freight from Asia raised up to 3-4 times the cost of 2020.

Fabian: Currently we see a divided picture in terms of sales: While especially the graphics industry is still on a very low level, we see a strong increase in technical applications, e.g. in truck tarps, dock shelters or farm applications.
How does this overall increase in volume effect our supply chain?

Robert:  Unfortunately, the lately installed overcapacities of Polyester yarns from Asia, are not offsetting the increasing raw material prices. High rising prices can only be compensated partly by additional volume bundling.

Fabian: We are known for providing reliable and competitive products. To ensure this for the future we need to pass on some of the recent cost increases to our customers.
As cost increases are always difficult for our customers, please tell me what preventive actions have been taken from our side to avoid such a situation?

Robert: Well, as part of our group business model we implemented the elimination of sole source supplies already a couple of years ago.
This risk management action, together with the use of alternative formulations, compensates for a shortage of supply, particularly for plasticizers, PVC resins and the textiles we use.

Fabian: Do you consider these recent developments to be solved on short notice?

Robert: Volume shifting of our demands between the approved vendors help us to build and defend a solid supply chain. The supply situation will still be critical until end of this summer but is secured for our customers’ demands. Unfortunately, we cannot predict when prices will return to normal conditions.
A good supply network and proactive market communication is the key to be successful during these challenging times.

Fabian: You know that we aim for an open and transparent communication like it should be in a partnership.
Despite the recent news of supply shortages why did the situation
improve again?

Robert: Well, during these challenging times, transparent communication with our suppliers is one of the reasons. Also, one of the leading suppliers for plasticizers lifted its Force Majeure unexpectedly fast.
These circumstances in combination with multiple, approved sources and our other risk management initiatives, lead to an overall secure supply chain. The limited availability of raw materials has unfortunately a still clear and immediate impact on prices.

Stabilized Supply Chain - Interview March 2021

Stabilized Supply Chain - Interview March 2021

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Heytex ZJG with new General Manager

Personnel change


Heytex China plant under new management



Zhangjiagang/China March 2021



After 8 successful years as General Manager of the subsidiary Heytex Technical Textiles (Zhangjiagang) Co Ltd, China, Eric Wang will leave the Heytex Group at the end of March 2021.


Eric Wang, who has been instrumental in the expansion of the China site, is mainly responsible for the upcycling of the company’s state-of-the-art machinery in view of the successful implementation of the Glue Lamination plant.


Under Eric Wang’s leadership, internal workflows have been improved, process reliability has been established and consistent product quality has been ensured. As a result, Heytex has established itself as a proven player in the Chinese market in its current form, in line with local challenges, and has contributed to the success of the Group.


We thank Eric Wang for his work and commitment to the Heytex Group and wish him all the best for the challenges of his professional future.



He will be succeeded in the position of General Manager by Mr. Bill Yu as of March 01.


Bill Yu graduated from Suzhou University in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science and earned MBA degree from Southeast University in 2005.


Bill Yu brings 27 years of professional experience to his new position as General Manager of Heytex Zhangjiagang, including textile service and management in manufacturing.


Bill Yu assumes full responsibility for the Heytex Group’s Chinese subsidiary including sales, procurement, production, quality, engineering, finance, human resources & administration at Heytex Zhangjiagang.


We wish him every success in his new position in the Heytex Group.




Bill Yu



Italian Sales Power

At Heytex we believe that characters take our brand forward.

With Luca Nicolo, we introduce you today to our new sales representative for the Italy region. After obtaining a short degree in Textile Engineering, Luca gained a long experience in the field of technical fabrics.
In particular, he has 15 years of experience in the sale of calendared and coated fabrics in both PVC and rubber. Welcome to the team!


Alla Heytex crediamo che i personaggi portino avanti il nostro marchio.

Con Luca Nicolo, vi presentiamo oggi il nostro nuovo rappresentante di vendita per la regione italiana.
Dopo il conseguimento della laurea breve in Ingegneria Tessile, Luca ha maturato una lunga esperienza nel settore dei tessuti tecnici.
In particolare ha 15 anni di esperienza nella vendita dei tessuti calandrati e spalmati sia in PVC che in gomma. Benvenuti nella squadra