HEYstore – Food Series

Food Safe

Because health is the most valuable asset..

Our materials are suitable and certified for food contact according to EU guideline VO No. 10/2011, EC list No. 1935/2004 and US FDA rules and regulations. They are free of heavy metals,
plasticizers and comply with REACH regulations.
Store your valuable foods optimally and without any risk.

Test our new HEYstore materials for food contact today.


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Heytex wächst

The Heytex Group invests intensely and doubles their production area at Bramsche, Germany.
With an additional 5m coating line and a new warehouse and logistics center Heytex will offer outstanding quality and increased deliverability in the very near future!

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Excellent TPU – reliable in extreme conditions

Excellent TPU for longterm applications, built to withstand extreme conditions and provide the highest level of reliability.

  • Excellent abrasion properties
  • Very good cold resistance up to  -55°C (-67°F)
  • Optimal for applications which need to stay in water for alonger period of time

Because quality is our major concern.

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Make more of light – NEW tentorium 580

Better use of light

Bring more sun to your tent with our tentorium 580


  • lightest tent membrane of its class with 580 g/m² (17 oz/yd²)
  • impresses with extremely high translucence of 26%
  • due to matte surface, there occur no blinding sun reflections
  • excellent price-performance ratio

HEYlight of the month 2016.09

digitex decoflex – optimized quality

Meet the product optimization of our award-winning decoration fabric for Dye-Sub, UV and Latex printing.

  • Textile surface structure and soft drape
  • Keeps its form and is visually especially attractive
  • Optimized shrinkage behaviour – now even less under heat influence
  • Impressively brilliant print
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, NF P 92-503ff M1, NFPA 701 test 1
  • Optimally adjusted to current market demand
  • REACH compliant, free of heavy metals and PVC

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Certified quality for water – because drinking water is our most vital commodity.

To ensure that the quality of the drinking water is not negatively affected by contact with other materials, a number of certifications and standards for potable drinking water materials are available on the market. We therefore check that our formulas as well as our material comply with the latest standards, such KTW, ACS or NSF. So you can be assured that our material does not pose any risk of contamination to drinking water.


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Image: shutterstock – Olga Nikonova & Crystal Eye Studio

Welcome to SGIA 2016

Heytex sets textile signs in large format at this year’s SGIA in Las Vegas. “Give me a sign” a request that Heytex complies with by its pathbreaking materials for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as a textile, banner or laminate, backlit, frontlit, mesh, blockout, decoration fabric, acoustic textile or as wall or ceiling coverings – unusual ideas may be implemented on materials of the HEYtex® brand. True to the Heytex motto: “No. idea can ever be too big”. We are looking forward to your visit.



Images Give me a sign: CLEAN Fotostudio GmbH (2016)