Materials for oil spill containment booms are our contribution to a clean environment – for applications with the highest standards.

With HEYbarrier, Heytex presents its latest PVC/TPU blend materials for oil barriers at Techtextil, making a groundbreaking contribution to a cleaner environment. These excellently tuned materials are utilized worldwide by professional users and meet the highest requirements for effectiveness and environmental protection.

The PVC/TPU blend materials of HEYbarrier have been developed to meet environmental challenges. The company group offers standard qualities for both coastal and offshore applications, going beyond by also developing customized solutions for their customers.

“Our products are more than just oil barriers. They represent a commitment to environmental protection and a symbol of sustainable innovation,” explains Marcel Scholl, Product Manager at Heytex. “Resistance to oil and saltwater, as well as high weather resistance and adhesion between the textile substrate and the abrasion-resistant coating, make HEYbarrier textiles the optimal basis for the use of oil barriers in the most adverse emergency situations.”

The polyester fabrics coated with PVC, TPU, or polymer blends allow for a quick and flexible response to environmental threats. The outstanding material properties provide maximum protection for humans, animals, and the environment.

Key features of HEYbarrier materials include:

UV stabilized: Ensures long-term durability and effectiveness, even under intense sunlight.

Saltwater resistant: Suitable for use in marine environments and ensures reliable performance.

Resistant to mineral oils: The textiles maintain their excellent material performance even after prolonged contact with contaminated water.

High adhesion: Ensures an almost inseparable bond between textile and coating, minimizing the risk of material delamination and leaks.

High hydrolysis stability: Even after prolonged exposure to moisture on the deck of the deployment vessel, the oil barriers made from our textiles maintain their material properties and are ready for emergencies.

High abrasion resistance: Long-term durability and resistance to external influences

Safe and efficient environmental protection: High-performance materials for clean, efficient, and regenerative gas production.

Clean Energy for our future: Heytex invests in high-performance Technical Textiles

The pursuit of a sustainable energy future is gaining momentum, and HEYgreen by Heytex is at the forefront of this change. The Heytex Group consistently invests in renewable energies and showcases its innovative high-performance technical textiles at this year’s Techtextil as a key factor for clean, efficient, and regenerative gas production.

The membranes specially designed for biogas plants and consisting of PVC-coated polyester fabric, are manufactured in various constructions with dirt-repellent surfaces.

These innovative membranes are used in a variety of applications, particularly as inner membranes for sealing the gas storage space. Additionally, they serve as UV- and weather-resistant outer membranes and as flame-retardant weather protection covers. The flexibility and versatility of these membranes allow them to adapt to various requirements in gas production.

Their outstanding performance in terms of durability and low methane gas permeability, positions them as a key component for sustainable and efficient processes in gas production.

Depending on the design, the single-shell systems and inner membranes of HEYgreen have methane gas permeability ranging from 130 to 500 cm³ / (m²*d*bar). These impressive values underscore the efficiency and reliability of the membranes in gas production, leading to optimized utilization of biogas as a renewable energy source.

Furthermore, Heytex offers materials that comply with TRAS 120 guidelines and provide antistatic properties to prevent electrostatic charging and possible discharge. The flame-retardant properties of these membranes prevent the spread of flames, reduce the risk of fires or explosions, and thus ensure the safety of employees and facilities in accordance with TRAS 120 guidelines

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