Our HEYdoor Dock Shelter Series ensures optimal sealing, minimizes energy losses, and enables sustainable storage with controlled temperature.

In the constantly evolving world of warehousing, energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role. To meet this challenge, Heytex presents the HEYdoor Dock Shelter Series at Techtextil—an innovative solution that ensures optimal sealing, minimizes energy losses, and enables sustainable storage with controlled temperatures.

The HEYdoor products ensure a permanent and seamless sealing of doors and gates. Whether it’s robust seals for industrial doors, side wall panels, inflatable door seals, or materials for roller doors—the HEYdoor products stand out for their extreme dimensional stability, tear and abrasion resistance, as well as diverse designs. With thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm, the wide range covers various applications.

The outstanding characteristics of the HEYdoor products make them particularly attractive for various applications. High scratch resistance, easy processing and cleaning, lightfastness, robustness, and high resistance to external weather influences are just some of the features that make them ideal for use in diverse environments.

Reducing energy consumption is crucial for a sustainable future. Warehouses consume a lot of energy to maintain a constant temperature, especially in refrigerated or frozen storage. The energy loss during loading and unloading of trucks also significantly contributes to overall costs. This is where the HEYdoor Dock Shelter Series comes in by ensuring a perfect seal between the building and the docked vehicle. This allows for controlled temperatures inside the building, reducing or preventing energy loss.

The HEYdoor Dock Shelter Series is not limited to conventional materials; it is also available with rPVC (recycled polyvinyl chloride) and rPES (recycled polyester) fabrics, further emphasizing the sustainability of the product.

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