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Because size does matter

Benefit from 5m wide tent material (197 inch)  for your large scale applictations to safe production cost and time! What, if….?   Special circumstances require special measures and changing demands challenge us to develop even more innovative solutions for you. What, if you could also purchase your popular products from us in a seamless width […]

Hot surfaces …

…. need the perfect cover to be protected.   From e.g. environmental influences and to be optimally ready for use. Our lightweight TPU material H8545-3000 is – temperature resistanct up to 90°C (194 °F) – has a thickness of 0,6mm (24 milli-inch) – ultra light weight with 720 g/m² (21 oz/yd²) – and therefore the […]


It is not a matter of predicting the future, but of being prepared for it. Perikles   Well prepared with Heytex protective materials, on short notice from stock. – Easy to process – Good to store – Printable with screen printing – Insensitive – Available in signal colors – Proven in various systems     […]

Long time, no se(a)e?

Did you know that every third container ship  worldwide would deliver goods to us from the Far East? At normal times, anyway.   But these are no normal times and now you got a shortage of printable sign materials due to current container shortage – No Problem! Heytex offers competitive and attractive PVC “Lights” frontlit […]

Happy Chinese New Year

Lots of luck, Health and Peace to all our Partners, customers, suppliers and our subsidiary Heytex Zhangjiagang. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐。   By the way, Zhangjiagang Offices are closed due to the Holiday from February 11th to 17th. Your contacts will  be available in case of urgency by mail.

Happy Chinese New Year

  Wir wünschen allen unseren Partnern, Kunden, Lieferanten und unserem Tochterunternehmen Heytex ZJG viel Glück, Gesundheit und Freude im neuen Jahr. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐。 Unsere Büros in Zhangjiagang bleiben vom 11. bis 17. Februar geschlossen. Unser Team vor Ort steht Ihnen ab 18. Februar wieder in gewohntem Maße zur Verfügung

100% recycled yarn

Established textile deco material decoflex-R now with 100% recycled yarns as part of the ecotex® range (H7344-5501)   Benefits & Features: 100% knitted base fabric made of recycled yarns (GRS 4.0) Printable with DyeSub (direct and transfer) UV and Latex inks 100% PVC-free Free of heavy metals, phthalates and plasticizers, REACH conform Dimensionally stable with […]

HEYcargo train series

A convenient alternative for rail transportation protection no matter what the weathe will bring. Cover materials are available in both flame retardant and cold resistant versions. Convince yourself! heycargo@heytex.com