Excellence in textiles: from yarn to high-tech fabric – reliable quality, technical innovation and top textile performance.

WE ARE TEXCELLENCE embodies our corporate philosophy and commitment to excellence. Excellent performance and quality standards taht are unsurpassed in the world of technical textiles, throughout the Group and globally, presented for the first time at the trade fair Techtextil 2024.

vivatex – sustainable technical textiles

The Heytex Group presents vivatex for the first time at Techtextil in Frankfurt, introducing a groundbreaking product line of sustainable technical textiles for industrial applications. As industry leaders, we emphasize our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness through vivatex. Products in the vivatex line meet clear criteria. They consist of at lest 20% recycled or renewable raw materials and/or could be CO2-compensated. These criteria are subject to continuous expansion and development. We are at the beginning of our journey, which is shaped by close collaboration with our customers and their ideas. vivatex represents technical textiles that combine the highest quality and innovation while making a positive contribution to environmental protection. Discover vivatex – the future of technical textiles starts now

Materials for oil spill containment booms are our contribution to a clean environment – for applications with the highest standards.

Heytex unveils its groundbreaking PVC/TPU Blend Materials for oil spill containment booms, named HEYbarrier, at Techtextil. These meticulously crafted materials are globally employed by professional users, meeting the highest standards for effectiveness and environmental protection. Tailored for coastal and offshore applications, Heytex not only offers standard qualities but also bespoke solutions. Marcel Scholl, Product Manager at Heytex, emphasizes the commitment to environmental protection and the sustainable innovation of their products. The saltwater-resistant, oil- and weather-resistant materials exhibit high adhesion, low abrasion, and UV stability, ensuring a swift response to environmental threats and maximum protection for humans, animals, and the environments.

Sustainable tent fabrics: Natural fiber based Ecohemp textiles for a camping experience with a touch of luxury.

In the realm of Glamour Camping, or Glamping, outdoor enthusiasts embrace the fusion of luxury and adventure. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is transforming the Glamping experience through the sustainable use of natural fibers in tent fabrics. With a focus on aesthetics, durability, and safety, the company recommends the use of robust and breathable TenCate EcoHemp (Ecoline) qualities. These natural fiber-based materials not only offer an appealing textile appearance and extended lifespan but also minimize the ecological footprint compared to synthetic alternatives. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics’ sustainable tent fabrics create a unique and environmentally friendly Glamping experience, emphasizing a commitment to environmental consciousness and setting standards in the industry.

Safe and efficient environmental protection: High-performance materials for clean, efficient, and regenerative gas production.

HEYgreen highlights groundbreaking biogas membranes, which are of great importance in current energy production and play their part in progress in the biogas industry. The innovative membranes not only offer reliability and protection throughout the biogas landscape, but also fulfill the important safety guidelines for the operation of biogas plants in accordance with TRAS. The requirements contained therein about flame-retardant properties, maximum methane permeability and the required degree of reflection to prevent additional heat generation are fully complied with. Special protection against electrical charging is also provided by an antistatic finish. HEYgreen by Heytex® not only emphasizes technological innovation but also contributes significantly to safety, efficiency, and environmental protection in sustainable biogas production.

Shape Tomorrow Sustainably: With our high-quality, durable materials for tent halls and textile structures, we fuse quality and longevity while respecting the environment.

The HEYtent® materials from Heytex impress with the highest quality and durability, ideal for professional events, shading, hall construction or textile architecture. The PVC fabrics, coated on one or both sides, offer a suitable alternative for every application. From classic solutions for short to medium-term use to the highest quality formulations that serve as a particularly long-term solution. All HEYtent® materials are flame-retardant, conform to standards and are resistant to heat and cold. Heytex offers translucent or blockout versions, depending on whether special light transmission is required or should be avoided. The use of a low-wick fabric finish ensures a special anti-capillary effect and significantly reduces the spread of moisture in the fabric. NEW: In the HEYtent® range, our variants with a recycled base carrier also underline our commitment to expanding sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Logistics, Resource Conservation: Truck tarps with recycled base fabrics reduce CO2 emissions and save resources while maintaining performance.

HEYcargo®, this is the series of truck and side curtain tarpaulins by Heytex. At this year’s Techtextil, Heytex proudly presents its latest eco-friendly collection of truck tarpaulins made from recycled PET bottles, which also come as ClimatePartner certified product. These robust tarpaulins stand for sustainable logistics. By using recycled PET bottles, energy consumption during yarn production is minimized by around 75%, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Depending on the fabric construction, at least 16 used bottles are used per m² of sustainable carrier material, which would otherwise end up in landfill sites. The tarps are characterized by excellent properties such as good planarity, easy weldability, and low smoke development when welding. HEYcargo® not only sets new standards in sustainability but also provides an extensive RAL color palette for prompt deliveries beyond the eco-friendly series.

Energy-Efficient Future: Our HEYdoor Dock Shelter Series ensures optimal sealing, minimizes energy losses, and enables sustainable storage with controlled temperature.

Materials from the HEYdoor series from Heytex® stand for energy-efficient storage. The versatility of this series can be seen in a wide range of applications, whether as a robust seal for industrial doors, side wall parts, inflatable bumpers or as a material for roller shutters. HEYdoor products are extremely dimensionally stable, tear and abrasion resistant and available in various designs. With thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm, they are suitable for many applications. The high scratch resistance and bending stiffness make them ideal for use as dock shelters. Reducing energy consumption is crucial for a sustainable future, and the Dock Shelter series helps to minimize energy loss when loading and unloading trucks. Additionally, the products are optionally available with recycled material.