Heytex thanks for 125 years of commitment and loyalty

Working for a company for more than half a lifetime is a sign of great loyalty – and this is no longer a matter of course in today’s world. For 25 years now, Frank Seeliger (production), Andreas Aßmann (logistics), Torsten Gleffe (production), Mario Fiedler (process planning) and Sven Tenzler (production) have been working at Heytex Neugersdorf GmbH in their respective areas.

“Employees like you have played a major role in the success of our company with their competent, reliable and friendly manner. We thank them for their many years of commitment,” said Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kohake when honoring the Heytex service anniversaries at the Neugersdorf-Ebersbach site.

In the course of a small celebration with their life partners, the management presented each of the colleagues with, among other things, a gift basket with regional specialties as well as a bouquet of flowers for their many years of loyalty to the company and as a sign of appreciation.

To this day, these colleagues have always remained loyal to the company, which has undergone major changes over the past decades and continues to expand worldwide. As the company has changed, so have the jubilarians: From career starters to highly qualified professionals in their respective teams. This deserves applause! Both the management and all colleagues are looking forward to further years and successes together in the company.

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