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Our guiding principles

We believe that respectful communication and interaction is essential in all areas of life. For this reason we are committed to the implementation of certain established principles. All employees of our company commit themselves to these guidelines. We also ask our business partners to commit themselves to these core guidelines, which we understand as a basis for lasting and successful business relations.


International human rights are an integral part of our corporate identity.


Equality and fairness are prerequisites for our common success.


People with disabilities are part of our society.


Freedom of association and assembly is part of our democratic understanding.


The highest standards of health protection and occupational safety are the characteristics of our responsibility.


Cooperation with countries and municipalities offers the chance of an improved quality of life.


Support for goal-oriented qualification measures.


We aim at working in a resource-saving way along the entire value chain.


In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the code of conduct forms the basis for the cooperation within our company and with external partners and prohibits bribery and corruption.

Newest Sales Team addition for Middle East

At #heytex, we believe that characters take our brand forward.

With Imran Shah, we gain another competent character as a sales representative for technical textiles for the Middle East Region.


Imran Shah brings with him fifteen years of experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management in the Middle East, North Africa and India Region, combined with an Engineering background having worked in the construction Industry for architecture tensile membranes, tents and various other technical textile applications such as advertising & signage and interior fittings.


Imran has successful track record and experiences in developing new markets, launching new products, as well as winning new distribution partners and specifying projects with consultants, architects and public authorities.


At Heytex Imran has the opportunity to being part of a multicultural and dynamic team and will be primarily responsible for sales in the Middle East market.
Imran Shah lives with his wife and two children in Dubai.


We look forward to working with him and wish him every success!




Midsommar – celebrate like in Sweden

For many Swedes, Midsommar is the most important event of the year and we think it’s a wonderful way to celebrate summer.

So why not bring this celebration to our garden as well?

Because the June festival not only brings together sumptuous food and boisterous celebrations, but also people of all ages and cultures.


Young and old celebrate the longest day of the year together.

This provides the perfect occasion to turn a simple barbecue into a stylish event.


Celebrate with us – Heytex offers the perfect materials for dignified tents for your perfect summer party


For party tents

clipeum 650 H5871

clipeum 650 H5871

Download 1.36 MB

For shading

soltex type I FR H5671-L3

soltex type I FR H5671-L3

Download 524.61 KB

Blockout – for the wilder parties

clipeum 850 BLO H5571

clipeum 850 BLO H5571

Download 1.35 MB

Outdoor Roll-ups for your message

ecotex frontlit B1 PVC-free banner (H7022-0295)

ecotex frontlit B1 PVC-free banner (H7022-0295)

Download 4.56 MB

Textile banners for decoration

decoflex whitenight B1 (H7390-5126)

decoflex whitenight B1 (H7390-5126)

Download 988.16 KB

Für eine starke Unternehmenskultur

Denn Gemeinsam können wir Großes bewegen.


Neben Selbstverständlichkeiten bietet Heytex darüber hinaus auch noch viele zusätzliche Benefits.

Einfach mal schlau machen und Teil der Heytex-Familie werden!




Download 983.66 KB



Vaccination campaign launched

The starting signal has been given. As of this week, Heytex has its employees vaccinated via the company doctor.

Unfortunately, the supply of vaccines is still rather slow and not all those who have registered will receive their vaccinations in the first week.
However, we are sure that this will settle down as soon as possible and that all those interested will receive their first vaccination from us as soon as possible.

Next to the twice weekly test a logical continuation of the Heytex health concept!

Summer Maintenance Break

Because Quality is Important.


Heytex also uses the time to carry out important maintenance work on its equipment.
Nevertheless, our sales department is available for you during this time.


We wish all our customers and partners a relaxing summer break


Regular Maintenance Break

Plant Bramsche  – 26. July to 06. August

Plant Neugserdorf – 26. July to 13. August


Please note your orders until June 18 to avoid delivery bottlenecks before and after the maintenance break. Readiness for shipment of stock articles remains.

For Sign Products: heysign@heytex.com

For Technical Textiles: texineering@heytex.com

Heytex for Aquaculture

Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater fish under controlled conditions and is a serious and sustainable alternative to commercial fishing.


To meet global demands, aquaculture continues to grow. The demands on feed and systems for fish health and sustainability are also increasing.

We at Heytex offer a wide portfolio, like lice skirts for open systems, bag and cover material dedicated for closed systems and land-based systems.  The portfolio ranges from lightweight PVC aprons to high tensile strength tarpaulins greater than 18,000 N / 5cm tensile strength and plasticizer migration free TPU goods from 950 gr up to 1900 gr / sqm and >10,000 N / 5cm tensile strength.


seabar 3000 (H2538)

seabar 3000 (H2538)

Download 185.79 KB
coastbar 900 S (H3602)

coastbar 900 S (H3602)

Download 104.62 KB
coastbar 950 TPU (H8550)

coastbar 950 TPU (H8550)

Download 157.40 KB
seabar 1900 TPU (H8591)

seabar 1900 TPU (H8591)

Download 179.72 KB


This is what Heytex stands for – your material for your solutions – contact us. texineering@heytex.com


Update on raw material markets: Supply Chain remains stable

Interview with Heytex-Management on current market situtation. June 2021

Heytex Supply Chain remains stable to continuously provide reliable high quality products.


Fabian Kampsen and Robert Lerch represent the Management Board of the Heytex Group. Fabian is a “home grown” Heytex Manager and since 2020 in the position of Commercial Director. Robert came to Heytex some 4 years ago being the Global Procurement Director with a proven record from various international assignments in different industries. Regarding the current market situation for Technical Textiles, both got together reflecting on the actual developments.



Fabian: Hello Robert, just a few weeks have passed since our last conversation, actually not a long period of time and yet a lot has happened again on the raw materials side since then. How has the global situation developed?

Robert: Hello Fabian, it‘s still exciting! A working supply chain in the manufacturing industry, especially in our branch, is certainly one of the bigger challenges that need to be solved. The availability of various raw materials in the chemical industry is still extremely tense, which has a direct impact on us.
I would describe the supply situation at Heytex as tight but stable. The delivery situation caused by the wrecked container ship in the Suez Canal has unfortunately led to further delays for global sea shipments, which were not foreseeable. Sea freight prices continue to rise to a level of up to 10 times the prices from Q4 2020.

Fabian: I have heard from several sources that the supply of raw materials is endangered by many parallel plant shutdowns in the chemical

Robert:  Yes, unfortunately that‘s true. 13 force majeures, 11 system failures, 22 slowdowns and 24 maintenance shutdowns were active in parallel in the plastics industry, in the month of May alone. A fundamental improvement does not seem in sight, because force majeure cases can last: according to statistics, these last an average of 62 days, the currently longest lasts longer than 200 days already. In addition, producers are faced with lower imports from Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Because even in these classic export countries, demand is higher than supply. The situation is exacerbated by the current bottlenecks in shipping containers.

Fabian: The price development of various raw materials, such as wood, is very present in the media and is extreme. To what extent do you think the commodity markets are likely to recover in
the near future?

Robert: In general, purchasing prices have unfortunately not developed as originally forecasted. Chemical raw materials, fabrics and yarn in particular remain at an extremely high level. The decline in the overheated market, which was expected by all sides, did not occur and will probably not be felt before the end of the year.
One example beyond primary raw materials is the topic of wood. For us, wood has a direct influence on the pallet prices, but also indirectly in other packaging such as cardboard cores and tubes.
But back to the main raw materials. PVC, as well as plasticizers and TPU in particular, have risen by more than 70% in a very short time, and prices are not expected to fall soon. In addition, there is the topic of qualified and approved substitute materials, which were used to compensate for availabilities and ensure delivery stability.
These are quickly twice the price of the original products. These circumstances in combination with multiple, approved sources and our other risk management initiatives, lead to an overall secure supply chain. The limited availability of raw materials has unfortunately still a clear and immediate impact on prices.


Situation at Heytex
Heytex has so far been able to master the challenges of securing the supply chain with a few exceptions. The frightening price increases have stabilized at the highest level, unfortunately a recovery is currently not in sight. The price situation and availability will certainly remain a challenge until the end of the year. In general, Heytex is set up as a stable partner for our customers, who also has a plan B and C in the drawer.

Supply Chain secured

Supply Chain secured

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