Dimensional stability in the world of technical textiles

Technical textiles are the invisible heroes of our modern world. From aerospace to medical applications, they play a critical role! But have you ever thought about dimensional stability in these high-tech fabrics? 🤔

Dimensional stability is key to ensuring that technical textiles maintain their shape and size under a variety of conditions. Deformations in the form of weft distortions in the fabric can occur during the weaving process for technological reasons and cause stresses in the textile. These undesirable stress states in the fabric can lead to component deformation in the application. Whether heat, moisture or extreme stress – stability is crucial! 💪

Why is this important? Well, if an inflatable boat or oil boom doesn’t keep its shape, it can be critical to the application and sometimes life-threatening. That’s why we at Heytex use our application engineering to develop and research materials that retain their shape under extreme conditions. 🔬🚀

From innovative polymers to high-tech fabrics – with HEYguardian we are continuously working to improve dimensional stability in technical textiles in the HEYboat segment. 💡

  • Our special coating technology guarantees resilient boat materials with safer airtightness.
  • Easy welding and bonding with high adhesion.
  • Use of the latest weaving technology and high-quality yarns
  • Sensor technology integrated into the coating process to reduce weft distortion to a minimum in all fabrics for highest dimensional stability.