Together for Occupational Safety and Health

Heytex Bramsche is organizing an “Occupational Safety & Health” action day for its employees on September 28, 2023.

On this day, various activities revolve around the topics of occupational safety, healthy nutrition/lifestyle and stress prevention. All employees across all shifts are given the opportunity to find out about different offers during working hours and also try them out.

The “Occupational Safety & Health” campaign day held at the Bramsche site is a significant step in our company’s efforts to ensure the well-being and safety of its employees. The aim: to promote health and safety in the workplace.

Employees can take part in workshops, training sessions and practical exercises. These are led by experienced professionals. Among the courses offered are:

Occupational safety training: to raise awareness of safety-related aspects in the workplace and prevent accidents, the fit of hearing protection and protective masks are checked. Intoxication goggles can be used to give an impression of how alcohol and drugs affect perception and reaction times.

Diagnostic workshops: Help employees identify potential health problems early and take preventive action. Among other things, torso strength or imbalances in the area of the postural and musculoskeletal system can be measured. Fluctuations in heart rate, individual stress levels and regenerative capacity. Skin screening and foot measurement for safety shoes round out this section

Health tips: A health insurance company uses an information booth to show where sugar is hidden in supposedly healthy foods. An ecotrophologist gives tips on how to prepare healthy snacks for breakfast or lunch breaks with little effort. Trying and trying are expressly encouraged. The lecture “Recharge your batteries” is intended to sensitize colleagues to consciously and actively relax on a regular basis. Participants will be given approaches for action in their everyday working lives. HanseFit and Business Bike partners advise colleagues on leisure activities that provide balance and promote health.

A team of dedicated employees and specialists organized this inspiring “Occupational Safety & Health” action day at Heytex Bramsche. This group worked hand in hand to ensure that the day ran smoothly and that all activities and examinations could be carried out in the best possible way. A program that is not only informative and educational, but also interactive and appealing to everyone involved.

The “Occupational Safety & Health” campaign day is supported by the company’s service providers and local health insurance companies. This commitment illustrates the close connection between Heytex Bramsche and the local community, while at the same time underlining the company’s goal of promoting the health and safety of its employees.

Heytex Bramsche is once again demonstrating its commitment to its employees and the community.

PR Occupational Safety & health

PR Occupational Safety & health

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