digitex® skylight B1 (H7812) offers the ultimate textile backlit material for outstanding visual experiences and exceptional aesthetic effects. With our state-of-the-art technology and focus on quality and sustainability, we lead the industry.

Features and Benefits:

Soft textile structure: skylight B1 offers a backlit material with a soft and pleasant textile structure. It is flexible, easy to handle and offers excellent drapability and workability for seamless integration into design projects.

High translucency: skylight B1 backlit material offers exceptional translucency that distributes light evenly and brings graphics, images and designs to life. Create stunning effects and create a captivating atmosphere.

Very good bending resistance and recovery: You can rely on the durability of our material – combined with easier handling!

PVC-free: we also place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness with skylight B1. Our textile backlit is part of the digitex® series and therefore free of PVC and other harmful chemicals. This means we offer a safe and environmentally conscious solution for your lighting needs.

Brilliant Printing: Our textile skylight B1 backlit material allows for brilliant printing with UV and latex inks in 320cm widths, allowing your graphics and designs to shine in vibrant colors and crisp clarity. Give your messages and images a stunning impact.

Use skylight B1 to create eye-catching advertising displays, light boxes and trade show booths to effectively communicate your message.