Happy Chinese New Year

… to all our partners and employees with their families at our subsidiary Heytex Zhangjiagang.


2024 is all about the dragon.

According to the Chinese calendar, New Year 2024 is under the patronage of the 木 wooden dragon 🐉. Its reign from February 10, 2024 to January 28, 2025 promises good luck and prosperity. According to the Eastern horoscope, this is the strongest sign, symbolizing power, strength and energy.


The dragon is the fifth of all the zodiac animals. According to a myth, the Jade Emperor said that the order would be determined by the order in which they came to his festival. Everyone expected the mighty dragon to arrive early. However, he arrived after Rat, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit.

When asked why he was so late, the dragon said that he had seen a village on the way that was suffering from drought. He had to stop and make rain for them. The Jade Emperor was happy when he heard of this noble deed and awarded him the fifth position.

Dragons are the most revered animals in Chinese culture. The people of this zodiac call themselves the descendants of the dragon. In the past, emperors were regarded as the reincarnation of dragons

Source: Gesellschaft für Deutsch-Chinesische Freundschaft https://www.gdcf-mainz-wiesbaden.de/

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