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Winter is coming

> At Heytex we believe to be prepared.


Even though the weather is still warm, we propose to get prepared for lower temperatures and the darker season.


Heytex offers a wide range of materials for different applications. Learn more about solutions for e.g. arctic tubes, cold-resistant flexible containments, phthalate-free snowsliders or light translucent tents. We are always ready to support with individual solutions. Discover solutions


arctic tube 3000 TPU (H8592)

arctic tube 3000 TPU (H8592)

Download 509.19 KB
food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

Download 684.57 KB
food roller 1100 TPE (H6680)

food roller 1100 TPE (H6680)

Download 674.46 KB
sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

Download 617.64 KB
tentalux 650 H6671

tentalux 650 H6671

Download 708.84 KB


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NEW: ecotex

Heytex introduces: new textile alternative to PVC-banners for outdoor applications: ecotex


Sustainable and environmentally friendly. Completely without PVC. Durable textile banners with overwhelming print dimensions, vivid color fastness and the necessary flame-retardant properties for medium-term outdoor use.


Environmentally conscious and resource-saving – YOUR TEXTILE ALTERNATIVE..




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Trade Fair Offer

We are happy that, slowly but surely, there will be trade fairs again soon.
To actively support our customers in these special times, we offer extensive discounts and special offers for selected items!


decoflex opaque B1/M1 (H7380-5975)

Textile decoration fabric with black backside and antimicrobial effectiveness.

Product Sheet digitex decoflex opaque B1/M1 (H7380-5975)

Product Sheet digitex decoflex opaque B1/M1 (H7380-5975)

Download 1.63 MB


decoflex B1/M1 (H7304-5501)

Cost-efficient textile decoration fabric with antimicrobial effectiveness.

Product Sheet digitex decoflex B1/M1 (H7304-5501)

Product Sheet digitex decoflex B1/M1 (H7304-5501)

Download 878.45 KB


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Textile alternative to PVC

Ceilstar is the textile alternative to PVC-stretch ceilings.

  • Proven antibacterial effect for a low-germ room climate
  • PVC- and phthalate-free
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for humid rooms
  • Improved accoustics
  • Up to 510 cm seamless printing width

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Welcome to the team

Heytex appoints Martin Falk as new Regional Sales Manager DACH & Benelux for Texineering technical textiles range.

Martin will be your expert contact for all individual solutions for applications out of the range

  • flexible storage
  • flood protection
  • barrier
  • dock shelter and roller doors
  • biogas
  • and all your future ideas, where we can help with engineered textile solutions!


Welcome to the team, Martin! Click here for direct contact

Watching the match – looking at mesh

When planning your next outdoor campaign, each empty space is banner space.


Avoid working capital risks – buy palletized material ex-stock Bramsche, Germany


Heytex mesh and frontlit outdoor banners – the perfect solution for your ideas.


Learn more

> banners mesh

> banners frontlit


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Welcome to the team

For training with a future.

> We at Heytex believe that youth is the future and needs to be properly trained.


Also this year we welcome our new trainees at our locations Bramsche and Ebersbach-Neugersdorf. Welcome to the team!

Welcome back

Returning to home – From Germany to the USA and back again

> At #heytex, we believe that characters will help our brand move forward.


After three years of sales activities in the subsidiary Heytex USA in Pulaski, Virginia, Manuel Radke has returned to Germany.


As Market Manager (Business Development) Technical Textiles, Manuel was responsible for the establishment and development of the market for technical textiles in the USA. He took the courageous step to move to the USA with the whole family. After his appointment as Senior Management Team Member, Manuel achieved his goal of defining the strategic sales direction in two years and also helped to shape strategic corporate decisions.


Manuel Radke, born in 1986 in Nienburg/Weser, Germany, looks back on more than 12 years of experience in the sales of technical textiles. Even before his employment abroad he was responsible for the area of Texineering for special applications at Heytex.


From September 2020 on Manuel will continue to be the main responsible for the Texineering division of the Heytex USA group as Director and will be responsible for Texineering products of the farms & leisure divisions in Germany as Senior Market Manager.


In his new role, Manuel’s biggest task is to expand the market share despite the current challenges and to develop the business with new innovative applications for the future.


Manuel Radke lives with his wife and two sons in Minden.