Heytex Summer Vibes

Always on the bright side with Heytex. And if it rains?


We at #heytex believe that fun and joyful entertainment is highly import for the work-life balance.


Enjoy a daytime jump at an indoor playpark. Trampolines, sport mats and ball baths, made of phthalatfree Heytex material for carefree action and fun.

See our sinoplan 650 phthalatefree material, especially developed for this purpose or contact us directly at heysport@heytex.com.

sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

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At Heytex we believe in all the colors of the rainbow.


Diversity and unity have been and will always be an important pillar of our value system.

Colorful and versatile is also our product portfolio. Have a look!

Heytex Summer Vibes

Summer – sun – beach and more. Always on the right side with Heytex.


We at Heytex believe that fun and joyful entertainment is highly import for the work-life balance.


Swimming-pools, water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, lazy rivers. Multiple action sites made of Heytex material – phthalatefree for carefree play and available in many colors – easily weldable, highly durable, UV and weather-resistant.

Learn more at industrials@heytex.com  get inspiration in our product portfolio for Covers and Sport.

Heytex Summer Vibes

Always on the right side with Heytex.

With Heytex materials there are no limits to the imagination and innovative ideas.


Check out this lovingly done interpretation of our HEYcargo vectaplan H5560 and H5518





Do you also have cool ideas for which we can provide you with the perfect material? Then contact us, we will help you immediatelyr heycargo@heytex.com

vectaplan 8/8 H5518

vectaplan 8/8 H5518

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vectaplan 9/9 H5560

vectaplan 9/9 H5560

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Heytex presents: New Plant Manager

From “Hands-on” and “Can-do” – From development to plant management


> At Heytex, we believe that characters will help our brand move forward.<

We are therefore proud to introduce Marko Rother as new plant manager for the headquarters plant in Bramsche/Engter.


Marko Rother has been working for Heytex since 2014 and starts his career in the development department where he is also responsible for important projects for the Heytex Group. From 2015 to 2019, he will also head the development department at the Heytex subsidiary in Zhangjiagang, China. He also looks back on field assignments at the Heytex subsidiaries in Pulaski, USA and at the second German location Neugersdorf. Since his return from China, Marko has been in charge of the development department, quality assurance and the laboratory.


Thus, Marko Rother can experience and live all positive virtues of the three continents and likes to make them his own – pragmatism – enthusiasm – engineering thinking. His comprehensive knowledge of the market supplied by Heytex will certainly help him in this respect.


In his new role as plant manager, it is now his greatest challenge to implement the generation change in everyday production in order to ensure the safeguarding and expansion of the business at the Bramsche location in unsettled economic times. To this end, knowledge as a resource is to be secured, imparted and further expanded. In this way Marko Rother combines practice with knowledge, planning with implementation, sustainability with development, all in the spirit of “hands-on & can-do”.


We are looking forward to the next steps!


Heytex presents new Plant Manager - July 2020

Heytex presents new Plant Manager - July 2020

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New: Scaffolding & protection

At Heytex we attach great importance to protection.

That is why we have developed a new material for housing construction sites and other industrial applications.

High quality, but cost-optimized. Ultralight weight, high light incidence, very good weldability and the clou – up to 500 cm width!


velaplan 550 FR (H5672)

velaplan 550 FR (H5672)

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Contact us for more information. heycover@heytex.com

Happy 4th of July

Heytex wishes their partners, customers, suppliers and the Heytex USA staff with their families some happy 4th of July celebrations.

Stay safe and healthy!