For savety’s sake

TRAS 120

In order to increase the safety of biogas plants, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment published the new Technical Rule for Plant Safety “Safety Requirements for Biogas Plants” (TRAS 120) on 21.01.2019.

Our combibowl 900 TRAS quality (H3654) from the HEYgreen portfolio naturally meets the requirements of TRAS 120.

Particularly noteworthy here are the requirements for fire protection and the discharge capacity of static electricity, defined via the surface resistance.

The surface resistance of combibowl 900 TRAS is < 10^11 Ohm, measured at 23 °C and 30 % relative humidity, sufficiently low to dissipate static discharges and thus avoid potential ignition hazards.

Our TRAS quality can be processed in the usual welding processes, has a high-gloss coating to optimally protect the membrane from weathering and is available in fabric widths of up to 320 cm.




biogas type II TRAS (H3654)

biogas type II TRAS (H3654)

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