Heytex goes fashion

Fashion Design student uses HEYcargo vectaplan 9/9 (H5560) for her term range.

Luisa Marie Meißner studies fashion design at the Fashion Design Institute Dusseldorf and was given left-over Heytex goods.


„Keep the child in your heart and see the colors within the grey everyday life“– this is the concept of the so called Lilo-range. The range allows even grown-ups to dribble without getting their clothing dirty. All parts are washable. Let the child in yourself run free – no problem due to the clothing ‘s tensile strength.


The colors are inspired by children’s ‘toys. Especially Lego plays animportant role in its structure. To gain a special shape effect, Lego stones were embossed into the material by a vacuum technique.


The name of the range is owned to Luisa’s grandmother. She is a colorful and young at heart woman with great radiance, whose nickname is Lilo.


Source: Design: Luisa Marie Meißner, Haare und Makeup: Nadine Heinke, Fotograf: Siegfried Probst, Models: Rebekka Bekky