Sustainability meets Innovation

Heytex proudly presents: ecotex® – globally first carbon-neutral product line in the market. On request.

You have the choice!

Sustainability meets innovation: with ecotex®, we offer an eco-friendly, textile, printable alternative without compromising on quality – you got the choice!

Together with  ClimatePartner we have recorded the Co2 emissions of the ecotex® range, avoid and reduce Co2 emissions and support climate protection projects. This is how you and we make a positive contribution to climate protection! .

From durable outdoor fabrics to stylish interior decorations, ecotex® provides a wide range of sustainable products to suit every taste based on recycled yarn carriers!

Explore the future of sustainable textiles and join the ecotex® movement!

Together, we can make a difference!

In 2023, together with Climate Partner, we recorded the CO2 emissions of the ecotex® product range and considered the product carbon footprint (PCF) with regard to raw materials, logistics, packaging and disposal according to the usual cradle-to-gate plus end-of-life approach.

Where possible, we avoid and reduce CO2 emissions.

We offset all remaining CO2 emissions by supporting a climate protection project. That is why our ecotex® products are climate neutral. Climate protection projects save CO2 – for example, we make a significant commitment to marine conservation. For more information on our climate protection project, visit