MK-APPROVED: HEYtex® tarps & tents:

Six Heytex materials of the HEYtents and HEYcargo product range have been certified bz ETA Denmark and
therefore fulfill the legal provisions of Denmark.

This MK-certificate confirms that these Heytex products comply with performance standards of building
regulations. This refers to all related directives and standards, as well as rules and instructions in
regard to constructions regulations.Play it safe with Heytex. Convincing competence in the field
of  tarps & tents.

Following materials of the  tarps & tents range have been MK-certified:


  • vectaplan 8/8 FR | H5671-0286


  • clipeum 650 | H5571-0286
  • clipeum 650 | H5871-0286 (EN)
  • clipeum 700 | H5872
  • clipeum 850 BLO | H5571-0828 BLO
  • tentorium 900 | H5573-0283-eco


More information: HEYlight of the month

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