Heytex donates masks to Nigeria

Ismeralda April collects masks for her home country

Last year, things suddenly had to move fast. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Heytex company in Bramsche Engter lost a crucial pillar of its business. The trade fair and advertising market for printable banners and textiles came to a complete standstill. Heytex products in this segment could no longer be sold.


The company had made a virtue out of necessity, used the changed circumstances and adapted its products to the new requirements. Heytex textiles made of washable polyester knitted fabric were produced for masking material certified by end customers. Due to high demand at the time, the company even offered drive-in direct sales at the factory for a time.


It is precisely these masks that are now finding their way to Africa. Internal sales manager Jörg Fangmann became aware of Ismeralda April, who is collecting masks for her hometown of Keetmannshoop in southern Namibia, through a newspaper report in the Oldenburgische Volkszeitung. The masks are intended for a local orphanage and children who live with grandparents after the death of their parents. In Namibia, only about 7% of the population has been vaccinated, vaccine is relatively scarce, the country has been a high incidence country for months and protection is almost non-existent.


The contact between Ismeralda and Heytex was quickly established and Ismeralda, who now lives in Vörden, was able to get a first-hand impression of the company and the 20,000 masks that Heytex is donating to her for her project.


The masks are now on their way to the embassy in Berlin and will then go by plane to Africa, where a Catholic priest who is a friend there will make sure that the masks reach their destination.




Welcome to the team

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