HEYstore for potable water

Clean potable water is essential for life! Therefore, it is subject to strict monitoring by authorities, all potential risks for contamination
must be minimized. This is why all HEYstore fluid series materials for drinking water are phthalate-free.


When storing large quantities of service water and liquid manure, durability and longevity are essential. This is why our 1300 g/m² materials
are made using premium plasticizers. Smaller containers on the other hand are often more price sensitive: our materials with 650 and 900 g/
m² are cost effective and available in 3 m width.

Tailoring materials to customers´needs is among Heytex´ core competencies.
Please contact us for more detailed information: heystore@heytex.com


Learn more about HEYstore products: Overview-HEYstore-Range!

For high-speed doors in the food industry

Health is our most valuable asset. Therefore, highest caution is required especially in contact with food. Due to their properties, Heytex materials of the HEYdoor  series are particularly suitable for roller doors and high-speed doors in the food industry – e.g. for passages and closures of hygienic areas in production or  in the warehouse.

Our recommendation for direct contact with all types of food stuff:


  • – food roller 900 H5580) – FDA-compliant with high-gloss lacquer
    food roller 900 (H5680)

    food roller 900 (H5680)

    Download 862.64 KB
  • – food roller 1100 TPE (H6680) –  FDA-compliant, weldable TPE coating, certified according to  EU10/2011
    food roller 1100 TPE (H6680)

    food roller 1100 TPE (H6680)

    Download 674.46 KB
  • – food roller 1100 TPU (H8555) – FDA-compliant, weldable TPU coating, certified according to  EU10/2011
    food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

    food roller 1100 TPU (H8555)

    Download 684.57 KB


Ask us for more information: heydoor@heytex.com

Following the thread

Welcome to our series „Following the thread“, in which we introduce you to our divisions and competencies on a monthly basis.

Today we would like you to meet Timo.

Timo is head of weaving and knitting and “holds all threads in hand”.


Special Holiday Hours

Our sales team is always available for you and happy to serve. Please see here our special holiday office hours.


Happy Mothersday!

Thanks for every hug, every word of encouragement, and acts of love they have given.

Special thanks to all the mothers at Heytex who always find the right balance between their family and work during these challenging times

Spring into spring

Spring time – a colorful bouquet of possibilities.

Never thought of it myself, but nevertheless fun to play around with the idea and an actual option!


  • Too hot and want to cool down? Slip and Slide fun on phthalate-free material sinuplan 650 (H5622)
    sinoplan 650 phthalatefrei (H5622)

    sinoplan 650 phthalatefrei (H5622)

    Download 617.64 KB
  • Still rainy? Protect your fire wood with 5m wide (198 inch) velaplan 575 (H5453) – then nothing more stands in the way of cozy fire bowl evenings
    velaplan 575 (H5453-5m)

    velaplan 575 (H5453-5m)

    Download 232.27 KB
  • Protect your gardening tools, furniture or grill with one side coated velaplan 9-9 light (H5132)
    velaplan 9-9 light

    velaplan 9-9 light

    Download 87.30 KB
  • Mosquitos in the air? Use our mesh windbreaker (H5028) as barrier
    windbreaker (H5028)

    windbreaker (H5028)

    Download 87.23 KB
  • Lack of natural shade? Use our tentorium 580 (H5570) as creative shading or a pavillon for your next garten party with tentorium 650 (H5571-eco)
    tentorium 580 matt (H5570)

    tentorium 580 matt (H5570)

    Download 636.22 KB
    tentorium 650 H5571-ECO

    tentorium 650 H5571-ECO

    Download 615.68 KB


Discover the possibilties!


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