Getting ready for sunny season

The temperatures are going up, days are now longer and the gardens are being spruced up.

Enjoy a relaxing after-work drink on the terrace, all protected by HEYtent clipeum 650.


clipeum 650 H5871

clipeum 650 H5871

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Don’t leave your bike out in the rain

Weather protection for bikes and ebikes for optimum safety against all weather conditions.

Do not give wind and weather a chance!


velaplan 510 satin (H5015)

velaplan 510 satin (H5015)

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sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

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PVC-free outdoor textiles

Completely without PVC, the new innovative ecotex meets the highest outdoor demands for environmentally conscious applications up to 505 cm seamless printing width.

THE textile alternative for light weight outdoor banners – frontlit, mesh and decoflex with recycled yarns.




Texineering® = Textile meets Engineering. Today: TPU coated, durable materials for multiple application possibilities.

TPU is characterized by good temperature and UV resistance and are particularly abrasionresistant . They have, in contrast to PVC, also a higher welding adhesion.
TPU has a good resistance to microbial infestation and many chemicals, which is why addidives can be dispensed with.

Choose your request – hydrolisis or oil resistance – we  have the best for both.
Perfect conditions for e.g. containers, oil barriers, food applications and much more.



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Happy Easter

Heytex wishes Happy Easter – stay healthy.



*Banner could be printed on H6022 frontlit light eco B1/M2 – Large messages for special occasions.

Data Sheet frontlit light eco B1/M2 (H6022)

Data Sheet frontlit light eco B1/M2 (H6022)

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Special Holiday Hours

As usual our plants in Bramsche and Neugersdorf will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

We will be back in full force for you on April 06. Enjoy the Easter Holidays!