Italian Sales Power

At Heytex we believe that characters take our brand forward.

With Luca Nicolo, we introduce you today to our new sales representative for the Italy region. After obtaining a short degree in Textile Engineering, Luca gained a long experience in the field of technical fabrics.
In particular, he has 15 years of experience in the sale of calendared and coated fabrics in both PVC and rubber. Welcome to the team!


Alla Heytex crediamo che i personaggi portino avanti il nostro marchio.

Con Luca Nicolo, vi presentiamo oggi il nostro nuovo rappresentante di vendita per la regione italiana.
Dopo il conseguimento della laurea breve in Ingegneria Tessile, Luca ha maturato una lunga esperienza nel settore dei tessuti tecnici.
In particolare ha 15 anni di esperienza nella vendita dei tessuti calandrati e spalmati sia in PVC che in gomma. Benvenuti nella squadra

Good Intentions 2021

Heytex has set itself a number of goals for 2021.

For example, we want to achieve a healthy balance in the production and consumption of green electricity.

Last year, we laid the foundations for this and now obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable sources and have set up charging stations for our e-company cars and employee e-bikes at our headquarters. In 2021, Heytex will then switch to its own electricity with its own photovoltaic system.

Stay tuned for more.

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We are there for you

The renewed lockdown extension in Germany has no effect on our readiness to deliver.

You can rely on it – Heytex is still there for you!

Our employees are still on duty and also available for you from the home office via the usual channels by phone or mail.

Let us stay in touch and also ask us about products that meet your particular needs now.

You can count on it, your orders will be produced and delivered in the usual quality.

Please stay healthy! for tent and hall materials for technical textiles for Sign products

Support for the french market

At Heytex we believe that characters take our brand forward.


With Arnaud Victor, we can gain another competent character as a sales representative for France.


Arnaud Victor has been with our company since late summer 2020 and has successfully completed his induction.


He has already overseen technical textiles in the field of sun protection throughout Europe for 20 years and has intensive know-how in the field of yarns and various customer applications with textiles due to previous activities.


For Arnaud Victor the intensive exchange and personal contact with the customer has the highest priority. He speaks English and German fluently, besides his mother tongue French, the perfect interface between the customer and the Heytex plants in Bramsche and Neugersdorf, Germany.


At Heytex, Arnaud Victor will be primarily responsible for sales in the French market for technical textiles.


Arnaud Victor lives with his wife and three children in Lyon.

We look forward to working with him and wish him every success!




Nouvelles du personnel – Soutien au marché francais.


Chez Heytex, nous pensons que l’humain fait avancer notre marque.

Nous sommes donc fiers de vous présenter Arnaud Victor en tant que nouveau représentant commercial pour la France.


Arnaud Victor est dans notre entreprise depuis la fin de l’été 2020 et a effectué ses premiers pas avec satisfaction.


Il a l’expérience des textiles techniques, notamment dans le domaine de la protection solaire, à travers l’Europe depuis 20 ans, possède un vaste savoir-faire dans le domaine des fils grâce à ses activités antérieures.


Pour Arnaud Victor, l’échange intensif et le contact personnel avec le client sont de la plus grande importance. En plus du français, il parle couramment l’anglais et l’allemand, interface parfaite entre le client et le siège à Bramsche et Neugersdorf, en Allemagne.


Chez Heytex, Arnaud Victor sera responsable des ventes sur le marché français des textiles techniques.


Arnaud Victor vit à Lyon avec sa femme et ses trois enfants.

Nous nous réjouissons de sa venue!





Perfect Match

Heytex HEYtent-Material is the perfect match for demanding hall structures like this recently built Amphitheatre in Tashkent, UZ by Tensaform Membranes.


ark III (H5574)

ark III (H5574)

Download 601.76 KB
ark III (H5574-7035-1)

ark III (H5574-7035-1)

Download 742.90 KB
ark III LW (H5574-lw)

ark III LW (H5574-lw)

Download 606.91 KB


Learn more about our extensive product portfolio HEYtent für pavilions, large tents, hall structures, storage halls, stadium rooms, and many more.


Start with energy

We hope you had peaceful and relaxing Christmas Holidays and a healthy start into the New Year.

From now on we are back for you from our holidays and are looking forward to your call