Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our partners, customers, suppliers and the Heytex USA staff with their families.


Our offices at Heytex USA are closed today and tomorrow. Our team will be back for you on November 30th as usual.

Mix & Match

Did you know that Heytex produces 65 available colors for tarpaulins as standard and can deliver (almost) any ordered color within 2 weeks?

HEYcargo truck tarpaulins are available in original RAL colors. It is of great significance that a uniform market appearance and consistent adherence to the corporate identity are the cornerstones for the high recognition and uniqueness of your company.
Thus, the availability of tarpaulins in RAL colors makes ugly, but frequently appearing color changes between truck tarpaulin, chassis and traction engine a problem of the past. The truck tarpaulin perfectly matches with your company colors.


One of the “in” colors on the truck market is silver. As much as people like silver, it is also difficult to handle and use in practice. The folding behaviour is the critical factor for the silver color. When folding the product, which cannot be avoided during packaging, the high gloss may be overstretched or compressed. The resulting disorientation of shifting of the lacquer particles shows as a bright strip in the sliver lacquer. The bend becomes particularly visible due to the silver particles contained in the lacquer. The silver particles reflect the light at the overstretched parts of the lacquer which makes the bends particularly visible. By heating the bends, the lacquer is relayed and the bends are no longer


Due to our successful mix and match process we could further optimize the Heytex silver. Ask us heycargo@heytex.com


vectaplan panama H5551

vectaplan panama H5551

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vectaplan 9/9 H5560

vectaplan 9/9 H5560

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HEYcargo – color chart

HEYcargo – color chart

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Thank you

for virtually visiting us at IFAI EXPO.


10 days of the worlds first virtual IFAI Expo are successfully over. We would like to thank all visitors and our amazing exhibition team who took up the adventure of participating in this exhibition. We had interesting discussions and welcome contacts in these challenging times.

Hopefully we will meet again soon in person. Stay safe!

We are currently working on your requests from the show. If you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

phone: +1 800 255 9338

mail      info@heytex-usa.com

Masks for employees

Why wander far away when the good things are so close?

For our employees, industrious Heytex hands lovingly put together printed masks made of heytex protect (Art H9010). Because the health of our employees is important to us.

You all stay safe and healthy!


Pimp your mask - Maske Essen & Bramsche

Pimp your mask - Maske Essen & Bramsche

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heytex protect (H9010-0001)

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

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Warn- und Gebrauchshinweise heytex protect

Warn- und Gebrauchshinweise heytex protect

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Guideline for maximum durability and long time function


Technical textiles made of coated polyester fabrics provide high protection against environmental impacts such as wind, sun, rain, dust and other pollution. If you check and clean your material regularly, it will look good much longer and the function of the product will be ensured for a long time.

Learn more about safety recommendations, storage of technical textiles, inspection plans, cleaning and maintenance – so that your product made of our materials simply looks good over a long period.

HEYinformed - Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

HEYinformed - Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

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Wanna take a break?

Only one more week of  IFAI Virtual EXPO left.

Take a break and join us in our Networking Lounge and meet our amazing team.

We are looking forward to chatting with you!





Throwback Thursday

…. looking back into the history of weaving with this nicely handmade weaving look, which enhances the Heytex lobby.


“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” C.S. Lewis


“Dear past, thank you for all the lessong. Dear future, we are ready! ” Heytex Technology


Visit us at our booth

at the virtual IFAI Expo!


Today the IFAI Expo starts and we are curious to see how this first, virtual trade fair will be accepted.

Visit us and talk to our experts in the Networking Lounge or chat with us live on the respective platforms.


Where: See us in Premier Hall 1 – Heytex USA

When: 03.-12 November – 09 AM to 03 PM EST


Whenever, from whereever you want!