Heytex Summer Vibes

Summer, sun, beach and more. Always on the right side with Heytex.


Back to work or still on a road trip?


If possible, take a ride by bike and store all your personal belongings in saddle bags made of Heytex material. Naturally UV- and weatherproof and highly durable. Learn also more about urban bikes or contact us directly at heycover@heytex.com


velaplan 510 satin (H5015)

velaplan 510 satin (H5015)

Download 591.46 KB
sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

sinoplan 650 phthalatefree (H5622)

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vectaplan 8/8 H5518

vectaplan 8/8 H5518

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Back to the office

Welcome back.

Heytex is completely back to work after a relaxing summer break. Seen our recent summer fun posts? Now we hope you are all ready for part II of a hopefully more peaceful and exciting 2020. Let’s dig into it!

HEYtent Permanent Structures

At Heytex we believe in permanence. Festival-culture for 20 years with HEYtent material for permanent structures like the Festival Tent in Gstaad, Switzerland, where now again events up to 1000 people are allowed


Learn more about our broad product range for permanent structures or get in direct contact with us at heytent@heytex.com


By the way – did you know?
With us you get the best planning support for your projects: Radiation physics, welding parameters, Biaxial tests and much more.