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In modern rescue services, stretchers not only have to meet increased demands on the robustness of the material, but also on the comfort and safety of the patient. Meet our material for rescue & vacuum mats – indispensable assets in the field of intensive care, emergency medicine and civil protection

Compatible for CT and MRI, Light weight, extremely durable, high tensile strength, easy handling and cleaning

Vacuum mattress

  • very light weight
  • high tensile strength
  • airtight
  • easy-care & easy to clean
  • compatible for CT and MRI
  • colors with high signal effect or bicoloured according to customer requirements
  • very bending and scratch resistant
  • PVC/TPU blends

matquard 580 (H5540)

matquard 580 (H5540)

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matquard 550 bl (H4540)

matquard 550 bl (H4540)

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Rescue mats/Stretchers

  • extremely durable
  • leight weight
  • high tensile strength
  • easy-care & easy to clean
  • suitable for stretchers according to DIN 13024
  • bending resistant
  • material width up to 320 cm
matquard 600 (H5531)

matquard 600 (H5531)


Your direct contact for more information heymore@heytex.com

heytex protect for makeshift Mouth-Nose-Masks

The German government strongly recommends the wearing of masks in public transport and supermarkets, in many states this is already mandatory.

Heytex recommends heytex protect – polyester knitted fabric, uncertified, stretchable, cuddly, boil-proof, roll fabric for easy making-up in different widths.

We deliver roll material in different widths upon request and roll lengths of up to 50 and 100 m.


Protect yourself and others. Ask us, we will be happy to help you with the right solution. heysafe@heytex.com

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

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For Potable Water Storage

HEYstore Fluid Series for Potable Water Storage

Clean potable water is essential for life.

For the problem-free intermediate storage of drinking water, we offer qualitatively safe materials to produce flexible potable water tanks, ACS certified and phthalate-free – for use without hesitation.


Your direct contact heystore@heytex.com


Learn more about our broad range of HEYstore containment solutions, also for e.g. food storage, chemical storage, spill berms and many more. Convince yourself.


Heytex protect Makeshift-Mouth-Nose-Mask


Limited Availability!

Short-term capacity expansion of 500,000 masks.

First come – first serve.


heytex protect (H9010-0001)

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

Download 1.22 MB



For non-business associates and private customers wie offer ready-made Makeshift Mouth-Nose-Masks at Ebay




Order now: heysafe@heytex.com


Thank You

Dear customers, partners, suppliers and forwarders,


we would like to say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU, for your confidence in us during this challenging time.

THANK YOU that we can continue to offer you our usual good service and our innovative products.

THANK YOU for continuing to be loyal to us and for keeping in touch with us.

Together we will also manage the rest.

Stay healthy!



Easter Holiday Info

We are still available for you despite the current difficult situation. But due to the upcoming Easter holidays, we are less accessible. Your known contacts will be happy to take your inquiries through the usual channels.

Take care and please stay healthy!


texineering@heytex.com für technische Textilien

heysign@heytex.com für Sign-Produkte

heytex protect

Ideal material for makeshift Mouth-Nose-Masks available ex stock.


„Mouth-nose masks“  have a physiological protective function and represent a physical barrier. Under certain circumstances, they can protect people in the vicinity from droplets of saliva and mucus.

Heytex offers ex stock its thermofixed and polyesterbased knitted material “heytex protect” for production of makeshipft mouth-nose-masks (not certified).

Your advantage:
  • Knitware adapts better to the cntour of the face due to more stretch than woven fabric, so it has a firm firm and snug fit.
  • Boil-proof, washable at 90°C, high durability and logevity
  • Advantage Polyester – less particle release that with natural fibers such as cotton
You have the choice. We deliver:
  1. Material for self assembly – To be delivered in 50 or 100 lfm rolls
  2. Ready-make makeshipft Mouth-Nose-Masks – Together with partners, we can offer ready-make Mouth-Nose-Masks


Get more detailed technical info, warnings and instruction for use

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

Download 1.22 MB


For non-business associates and private customers wie offer ready-made Makeshift Mouth-Nose-Masks at Ebay




Your direct contact: heysafe@heytex.com


The „mouth-nose mask“ is a reusable item of clothing. We would like to point out that it is NOT for medical purposes or personal protective equipment. The mask should be washed before using it for the first time.

New Power for Industrial Business

“Power is knowing that you can do anything you imagine, and not one person can stop you”.


Welcome Daniel Wolf to your new position as Head of Industrial!


During the last 8 years, Daniel has successfully been helping to expand the Heytex Sign Business Center for printable textiles and now moves on to new challenges within Heytex. Daniel, as we know him, is highly motivated to support and creatively challenge our product groups cargo, cover, tent, boat and others since January 2020. Stay tuned for more exiting news!


Welcome on board!






We are there for you

In this uncertain time, however, you can rely on one thing: we are still there for you! Both our external and our internal employees are still in action. Our production is prepared to support your important project quickly as we make our day-to-day work as normal as possible according to current regulations.

Also – even if from home office – our customer service is available for you by direct phone or mail via the usual channels.

Stay in touch for any assistance and support and ask about our wide range of products which you may easily adapt for special applications.

Be assured, your orders will be processed and delivered as usual.

Please stay healthy, please stay safe!


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