Sustainability – Conservation of resources – Reduction of CO2 footprint

– big words and good intentions to protect our environment while making operations more sustainable. Heytex takes a revolutionary first step in its technical textiles and now uses recycled yarns in truck and trailer tarpaulins.

The recycled yarn is used in our HEYcargo article vectaplan 8/8 re-use and is available in 4 colors from stock in 250 cm width.

By using recycled yarns as the starting material for the yarn production of the fabrics used, we save valuable resources as fewer new materials have to be produced (75% reduced energy consumption during yarn production). At the same time, waste is reduced.

Used PET bottles are used, which are collected according to Global Recycling Standard 4.0, shredded, washed, sorted by color, melted down and spun into new polyester yarns. Because PET bottles are normally a non-biodegradable material, their disposal in landfills would result in the release of greenhouse gases and other environmentally harmful chemicals. Recycling, however, recycles these bottles and reduces their environmental impact.

1 m² of our material vectaplan 8/8 re-use in 250 cm width contains carrier fabric made of 16 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles, which makes a proud approx. 2600 PET bottles for one roll of the material that do not end up in landfills.

That is convincing. Because sustainability is not a constraint for us, but a reason to improve. For each completely sold pallet in the campaign area until June 30, 2023 of our article vectaplan 8/8 reuse in 250cm width (10 rolls), we plant a tree in cooperation with Plantmytree ( within the scope of selected, regional reforestation areas in Lower Saxony.

This way you as a customer additionally contribute to reforestation programs and a positive environmental impact. Be part of this initiative and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Click here for the Plantmytree initiatives.

Not convinced yet? Here is even more worth knowing

Recycling PET bottles helps reduce the need for virgin raw materials, and that in turn reduces the energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of new materials.

Our truck tarps made from recycled yarns have the advantage of being just as durable and robust as conventional tarps, so they are demonstrably in no way inferior to their predecessor version made with virgin polyester yarn. They offer a more sustainable solution without compromising on functionality. Contact us!

Overall, the use of recycled yarns in the production of truck tarpaulins is a new, important step towards sustainability in the logistics industry. It shows that it is possible to conserve resources, reduce waste and at the same time manufacture high-quality products.

Made in Germany – Heytex manufactures its coated and calendered technical textiles 100% in Germany – keeping our delivery routes and ecological footprint as low as possible.

Use of sustainable materials: recycled polyesters help reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimize the carbon footprint of the products.

Energy efficiency in production: The production of technical textiles often requires high energy consumption. By using energy-efficient production methods and using renewable energy sources, we reduce our CO2 emissions

Durability and reusability: technical textiles are durable and should be able to be reused. Durability significantly reduces waste.

Recycling and waste management: we strive to make our technical textiles recyclable and work to make our various processes and procedures recyclable. Effective waste management and reuse of materials also helps to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Social responsibility: Promoting fair working conditions and equality, supporting local communities and increasing focus on e-mobility and corporate benefits are also important aspects of sustainability.