Conserving resources in logistics

Sustainable technical textiles are still rarely used in logistics. With the HEYcargo article vectaplan 8/8 re-use, Heytex has now developed a material whose fabric is made of 100% recycled PET bottles according to Global Recycling Standard 4.0 and is in no way inferior to its predecessor article in terms of performance.

This reduces the Co2 footprint by significantly lowering CO2 emissions and saves resources as well. For one roll of the material, 3,260 fewer PET bottles end up in a landfill, an important contribution to a sustainable circular economy.

It goes without saying that we produce 100% of our technical textiles in Germany. For transports within Europe, this results in a CO2 saving of 75% compared to the purchase of containerized goods.

vectaplan 8/8 re-use (H7718)

vectaplan 8/8 re-use (H7718)

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