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Heytex materials for BAGJUMP

All BAGJUMP materials are exclusively produced by Heytex technical textiles. Bagjump developed these custom made materials together with Heytex over years to have high-performance durable materials which are suitable exactly for their intended purpose. No off-the-shelve materials are used on their products. Whether it is the high jump frequency and 365 day a year use of a trampoline park airbag or the high impact energy of a freestyle motocross landing airbag – Bagjump made sure that the materials are custom tailored to withstand the short and longterm stress of their individual use.


Heytex Group from Germany is the worlds leader in the development and production of high-quality and functional technical textiles.
On three continents, Heytex covers a large product portfolio to offer their customers the best solutions for different kinds of uses ranging from sports to industry applications. Heytex has over 100 years of experience in R&D and production with certified quality and state of the art Technology.