Training bus of the employers’ liability insurance association

The safety of our employees is our goal.

This is important to us, but it is also the motto of the training van of the BG ETEM employers’ liability insurance association.

Occupational safety is a top priority here. That’s why the training van is on the road all year round and trains employees on site at member companies in the topics:

  1. Stumbling and falling
  2. Hazardous substances/EX-protection
  3. Employer’s Liability Insurance Association in general/insurance protection
  4. Noise

The training van is on site at Heytex the whole week, so that the employees from the technical departments, but also all interested people, have the opportunity to participate in the individual modules. Through lectures, films, presentations, in-house examples and discussions we all learn once again to pay more attention to possible dangers, to avoid them and to improve them. This is how we make our workplace safer together!