TEXINEERING® = Textile meets Engineering

Products from the TEXINEERING® range are highly specialized and customized technical textiles, which require a high level of application engineering and an intensive cooperation with the customer to realize high demanding projekcts successfully.

The application engineering team for the TEXINEERING® range offers an extensive consulting and is happy to discuss challenges in order to find the right soltutions.


For our customers and with HEYstore range we have developed solutions for storing oils, fuels and other substances in the most adverse climatic conditions.


Our HEYseal edge sealing ensures high efficiency in production and at the same time a high degree of safety during storage.


Another example of an innovative Texineering® product are the spacer fabrics of our HEYtrax range – airtight spacer textiles with low weight and highest dimensional stability.

Application Engineering

Innovative textile carriers, high performance coatings, modern coating technologies… that is TEXINEERING®.
Whatever the solution for your application, our application engineering is there to help you choose the right material.