We take our responsibility seriously.

We take our responsibility with regard to the production, disposal and recycling of our materials very seriously and continuously seek a balance between economic, ecological and social interests.

That is why we have developed our ecotex® line as an ecologically compatible textile alternative to classic PVC-coated materials for short- to medium-term outdoor use..

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Raw materials

   Sustainable use of recycled yarns according to Global Recycle Standard 4.0.
Per one roll of our textile decoflex-R, approx. 2900 PET bottles are recycled and thus do not end up in landfills. Reach-compliant, 100% PVC-free, phthalate-free, free of heavy metals, isocyanate chemistry and plasticizers.


   The German plants in Bramsche and Neugersdorf are already supplied with 100% green electricity. This is followed in 2021 by the installation of a photovoltaic system in Bramsche. We also save energy by actively using waste heat in production (heat recovery).
We maintain in-house charging stations for e-bikes and e-company cars, thus making our contribution to mobility.
Our processes are subject to the requirements according to energy management ISO 50001:2018 and environmental management ISO 14001:2015.
We have the explicit motivation to use energy efficiently and to further save CO2, therefore we actively participate in the Network Energy Efficiency Osnabrücker Land (NEOS).


   Our resource use and energy consumption compared to PVC banners are significantly lower due to the reduced weight of ecotex® (see Fig.). This means that our material-efficient approach consumes less resources.


   ecotex® materials are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in household waste. They can make a positive contribution to the energy balance when recycled for energy. Also, this recycling is more environmentally friendly than with conventional PVC-banners, because it produces less aggressive pollutants.


   75% less CO2 during transport/shipping within Europe compared to sourcing from the Far East.
Raw material sourcing within Europe if possible for short transport distances.

ecotex Product Overview

ecotex Product Overview

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ecotex decoflex-R B1 (H7344-5501)

ecotex decoflex-R B1 (H7344-5501)

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ecotex<sup>®</sup> mesh B1 (H7071-0295)

ecotex® mesh B1 (H7071-0295)

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ecotex<sup>®</sup>frontlit B1 PVC-free banner (H7022-0295)

ecotex®frontlit B1 PVC-free banner (H7022-0295)

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ecotex - Sustainability

ecotex - Sustainability

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