Small Change – Big Effect

As a manufacturer “Made in Germany”, we as a company take our responsibility towards our environment as well as human health seriously.

Our goal is to provide optimum protection for people and the environment, which is why we invest, for example, in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient exhaust air treatment technologies – for the benefit of everyone’s health.

In addition, we are constantly developing our materials further to reduce the toxicological profile of our materials and at the same time improve the material properties.

What does this mean for you?:

  • For the article(s) you purchase, this means a changeover to the latest generation of “print coating”, with a significantly improved toxicological profile, and the associated optimization of product properties.
  • For you as a printer, this enables improved print quality at the same cost. Particularly noteworthy are a larger color gamut and thus process-safe printing of sophisticated motifs. The print image has become more robust, and through improved ink adhesion we achieve higher scratch and abrasion resistance.


Small changes with great effect – with Heytex made-in-Germany !


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