An Interview – Who is Tobias Mayer-Uhma?

Heytex Neugersdorf GmbH was established in 1993 as the first subsidiary of Heytex GmbH and is the main production site of special Heytex products today. Whatever the task may be: the experts in Neugersdorf will find the right solution! The sophisticated hotmelt calendering technology allows the processing of PVC and a wide variety of other plastics, for example, TPU, Alcryn®, blends, polyolefins and new TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). The spectrum of carrier materials used ranges from open mesh fabrics to very heavy and highly resistant fabrics. Moreover, Heytex Neugersdorf GmbH is renowned as a centre of excellence for airtight coatings.

Interview with Tobias Mayer-Uhma – New Head of R&D at Neugersdorf GmbH

Heytex: We are pleased to welcome you as the Head of R&D at Heytex Neugersdorf. You have been part of the team for half a year now. Could you please give us an insight into your tasks and responsibilities?

Tobias Mayer-Uhma: Thank you very much for the friendly welcome. As R&D manager at Heytex Neugersdorf, I have a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities. My main task is to manage and coordinate the entire development process. This includes defining technical requirements, driving innovation and ensuring smooth project management. I work closely with my team to ensure that we develop high-quality solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

: You have an impressive career history. Could you tell us something about your previous work at well-known technology companies?

Tobias Mayer-Uhma: Of course. Before working at Heytex, I studied chemistry and, after completing my doctorate, first spent 6 years developing semiconductors (computer chips and solar cells) at a Fraunhofer Institute. After a stopover in the recycling industry, I then landed at Heytex. In these positions I was able to gain extensive experience and build up my expertise. These experiences have given me valuable insights into the industry and strengthened my ability to develop innovative solutions.

Heytex: What motivates you in your work as a development manager?

Tobias Mayer-Uhma: I draw my motivation from the opportunity to inspire my team and spur them on to top performance. It is important to me to create a motivating work environment in which everyone can reach their full potential. Working with talented and dedicated employees who collaborate on innovative solutions is extremely fulfilling for me.

: Are there any particular achievements you are proud of in your career so far?

Tobias Mayer-Uhma: During my career, I have been fortunate to participate in many exciting projects. One particular achievement I am proud of is the development of catalysts for the oxidation of propene from completely new materials for my dissertation, which are now even being tested for novel ion batteries. In the recycling industry, I was able to replace a standard process with various new process steps that enabled completely different recycling processes. At the company in the detergent industry, I developed a surfactant from renewable raw materials that had never been studied before and certainly could not be produced on a mass scale.

: Is there anything you would like to share about your personal interests and hobbies?

Tobias Mayer-Uhma: Of course! In addition to my professional activities, I am passionate about climate protection. It is important to me to make a positive contribution to my community.

: Thank you and welcome to our team!