Anyone can be a fire safety volunteer

Everyone probably knows how quickly fire can develop. This applies not only to private areas, but also especially to the professional environment.

At Heytex, occupational health and safety is written in capital letters. We prove this with the certification according to ISO 450001:2018, but also with internal training and further education on sensitive topics.

That is why we have launched the 450°C project, in which we actively qualify employees to become fire safety assistants.

The colleagues are sensitized to the topic of fire protection and thus go through their daily work with even more open eyes.

We are convinced that it is right to go far beyond minimum legal standards by training as many fire safety helpers as possible. No one needs to be afraid of this task, and it should not be an extra burden on top of the actual work. Fire safety starts with recognizing hazards even before a fire occurs. Be it the recognition of a defective appliance, a damaged socket, blocked escape and rescue routes or the avoidance of the hazardous substances and much more.

Everybody acts within the scope of his or her own possibilities and can thus make a valuable contribution. The most important thing is the mutual support in case of an alarm, e.g. during an evacuation. In this way, a valuable contribution is made, because the protection of the individual always comes first.