Operational Excellence Leadership Trainings

Interest – inform – involve – inspire – way to success.

Leadership Training and Operation Excellence (OpEx) are two concepts that are interrelated and can support each other.

At Heytex, OpEx refers to the process by which our company improves its business practices to effectively pool knowledge and increase efficiency, quality and ultimately customer satisfaction. A key component of Operation Excellence is strong leadership that is able to guide change, optimize processes and motivate employees.

Leadership training is designed to develop and strengthen leaders by providing them with skills they need to lead successfully. These skills can include things like communication, conflict resolution, decision making, and fostering a healthy work culture.

By supporting our leaders through leadership training, they are better able to promote and develop OpEx within the company.

Heytex conducts these OpEx leadership trainings across locations, countries and departments. Colleagues from the European plants in Bramsche, Neugersdorf and Nijverdal thus come together in various units. Cross-departmental training also takes place at the various sites themselves, always supported by the OpEx.

Promoting a unified corporate culture: Joint training promotes a common understanding and approach to leadership issues, contributing to a stronger, unified corporate culture, establishing a common language and improving collaboration between plants and teams.

Promoting diversity and inclusion: Joint training provides a platform for the exchange of different perspectives and ideas. A unified training approach enables a view into other plants, and through cross-site thinking, managers learn from each other and can develop further, contributing to a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Strengthening relationships and collaboration: By teaching the same content, skills and knowledge are developed in a similar way, establishing consistent leadership practices across the organization. Coming together and learning together strengthens relationships and improves collaboration.

Nice side effect: Strengthening the corporate image. This is also how we build a strong image as an employer with a strong focus on leadership and development.