Dear colleague,

You have already received an email with the link to the Everphone portal where you can choose a new device.
When the ordered smartphone has arrived, you will receive another email with a link. Please click on it and set a new password in the opening portal using your Heytex email address. This password will be requested when setting up the new device. Please make sure that you have a good WLAN reception when setting up the device!
If the password is NOT requested when setting up the device, something has gone wrong and you should submit a support request in the Everphone portal as described below.

Here is some important information for the new smartphone concept:

– We lease all devices from Everphone for 24 months each. The service also includes repair and replacement in case something breaks.
– The devices are dual-SIM capable. They can be used completely privately if you use a private SIM card, i.e. your own contract, in addition to the company SIM card. If one does not want to use their own SIM card, private use is not possible.
– If 2 SIMs are required, but the selected smartphone can only manage one SIM card + ESIM, the company SIM can be requested by purchase department as ESIM.
– You can choose your desired device from a list of device suggestions. There are both free devices for you and higher-value devices with a co-payment.
– If you want a higher-value device, the monthly co-payment will be offset against your (net) wage/salary. You can see the amount of the co-payment in the list.
– After 24 months you can choose a new device again.
– The data is separated on the device into the private area and the company area, if you want to use the device privately. Both “sides” cannot communicate with each other.
– The company Heytex or Everphone can neither see your private area nor locate the device or similar.
– In case of loss, only the business data area can be deleted remotely.

If you have any technical questions regarding the portal or device provisioning, Everphone support staff will be happy to assist you. Simply submit a request in the portal (just click on request, fill out and submit).

Have fun with your new smartphone!