Promoting women in STEM (MINT) professions: The NiedersachsenTechnikum creates opportunities through practical experience and mentoring

Last year we were able to welcome a technician at Heytex for the first time. Pia Ridder completed her Lower Saxony technical training in our development department from 01.09.2022 to 28.02.2023.

The Lower Saxony Technical Training Program is aimed specifically at young women with a high school diploma or vocational baccalaureate. Over a period of six months, the women have the opportunity to try out various STEM disciplines – on one day of the week, the women attend lectures at a college or university, and on the remaining days they work in the company.

After completing her training as a paper technologist, Pia decided to attend the technical center to find her bearings. She had already decided that she wanted to study, but she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to study. With us, Pia was able to gain an insight into a completely different industry. As part of the technical center, she first got to know the various production areas. She then worked on her own project in the development department.

“The technical center helped me a lot for my further career. I was able to learn a lot about different testing methods. What was particularly good was the practical relevance and the exchange with colleagues about their own careers – this gave me a good picture of the different areas in which engineers work. This helped me a lot in my decision to study engineering,” says Pia about her time at Heytex.

What’s next for Pia? Before she starts her technical studies in the winter semester, she wants to use the time to travel – besides South America, Iceland is also on her agenda.

We thank Pia for her support and wish her all the best for her future life!

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NiedersachsenTechnikum is a program to promote women in MINT professions (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is supported by the government of Lower Saxony.

The program offers women the opportunity to complete an internship in a company in the MINT field for six months in order to gain initial experience in these professional fields. In the process, they are accompanied by mentors and have the chance to participate in workshops and networking meetings. The NiedersachsenTechnikum is intended to help increase the proportion of women in STEM professions and improve equal opportunities in the labor market.