Storing food optimally and worry-free

A safe place for sustainable storage of sunflower oil are flexible containers made of HEYstore TPU-coated technical textile olio 1100 TPU H8556 – better than in any oil paintings and guaranteed without tomato sauce….

Heytex TPU-coated materials are 100% free of PVC, heavy metals and plasticizers and food compliant according to EC-Regulation 1935/2004, so we take into account the evidence that this material does not pose a risk to human health.

✅ Best suitable for contact with food, vegetable oils in particular.

✅ Free from heavy metals and plasticizers (phthalates)

✅ Reach-compliant

✅ Optimum protection against weathering due to high-quality TPU coating

✅ UV-resistant ether TPU on the outside for color fastness and against embrittlement

Because health is our most valuable asset.

olio 1100 TPU (H8556)

olio 1100 TPU (H8556)

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