HEYtrax TPU – Innovative double wall fabric with TPU coating

One of our most interesting products in technical textiles is certainly the spacer fabric from the HEYtrax range. In this highly complex material, a connection is created between two fabric layers by inserting pile yarns. The resulting spar body can be filled with e.g. air, resulting in an extremely dimensionally stable and flexurally rigid component with low weight.

In addition to a PVC coating, our HEYtrax materials are also available with a coating based on thermoplastic elastomers (TPU).

The food-safe TPU coating contains no plasticizers. This in turn makes your product particularly durable, as there is no embrittlement due to plasticizer migration.

The resistance to mechanical abrasion is significantly increased by the use of TPU and the very high adhesion level allows the use in technologically most demanding applications.

HEYtrax TPU textiles can, of course, be processed using all standard methods (bonding, high-frequency and hot-air welding). And of course you don’t have to do without our well-known tracer yarns, which make processing easier, with our HEYtrax TPU products either.

– Temperature resistance from -50 °C to +90 °C

– Very high adhesion

– Very good abrasion resistance

– No plasticizer migration

HEYtrax-Highest dimensional stability

HEYtrax-Highest dimensional stability

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double wall 100 TPU (H8891)

double wall 100 TPU (H8891)

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