Heytex and Spantech

From yarn to high-tech fabric to the largest pavilion at bauma 2019

Weaving, coating, laminating: The expertise in these areas makes Heytex the world leader in the production of technical textiles. Such sophisticated high-performance fabrics can only be created through profound expert knowledge and continuous development, because handling them requires the greatest care and precision.
To guarantee this in every step, that is our claim. More than 100 years of experience in the development and production of technical textiles make Heytex a sought-after specialist for coated fabrics.


This was also the case with an extraordinary project at the trade fair bauma 2019, which was realized by the company Spantech with coated fabric by Heytex.


It was the wish of the end customer, the PERI company, to present itself at the trade fair with a modern appearance which would stand out from the crowd by day and night and which the trade fair visitors would remember for a long time. This idea was implemented with a pavilion with a spectacular cushion facade.


Sjors van Vorstenbos, Spantech’s Chief Commercial Officer: “To realize our client’s vision, we needed a material that was both high quality and highly translucent. Heytex offered the perfect solution for us with its quality tentalux 650 (H6671).

The high product quality, the on-schedule realization of even the most demanding projects and the dedicated commitment have convinced us once again”.


With gigantic dimensions of 85 m length, 45 m span and 20 m height, this was the largest pavilion at bauma 2019. A project with an undoubted long-distance effect.


The project in figures:
40.000 m² coated fabric
130.000 kg steel
76,000 kg aluminium


For more information: www.span-tech.com


Peri Pavillon at bauma 2019, Pillow Design with HEYtent tentalux 650 (H6671) Image: Spantech